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Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Prospects: The Offense Is Loaded

A look at the different Cowboys and their prospects in fantasy football.

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Since it's Friday, and the Cowboys are off today, let's look at one of the "fun" aspects of NFL football. Well, fun if you enjoy fantasy football like many of us do. When it comes to drafting your fantasy football team, there are many different strategies, and depending on league rules, some players go from boom to bust or bust to boom.

So how do the Cowboys stack up? Let's take a look.

QB - Tony Romo: Perpetually undervalued by many in fantasy football because of his undeserved reputation as a turnover machine and an erratic player. Please. Romo is a fantasy points machine. He always ranks among the Top-10 QBs in fantasy points by the end of the year, and this year should be no different. He has plenty of weapons, he has an offensive line that should give him time to throw, and he has a suspect defense that will turn many games into shootouts. He's a bargain and a definite QB1 starter.

RB - DeMarco Murray (Lance Dunbar): This is a tough call. Many drafts and rankings have Murray as a first-round pick. There are good points and bad points to drafting DeMarco Murray high. On the good side he has an even better offensive line to run behind, and with new coordinator Sott Linehan he might see a lot more action in the passing game. That could help his value in PPR leagues. On the downside, you never know about injuries with Murray, the Cowboys have been reluctant to run the ball, and a healthy Lance Dunbar could cut into his touches.  I love Murray as a player, but as a fantasy option he may be drafted too high. Lance Dunbar is a late-round flyer or wait-and-see guy, but if he stays healthy and Linehan uses him like Reggie Bush last year, he could be a steal, especially in PPR leagues.

WR - Dez Bryant: Go get him. He should have a huge year. The Cowboys love to throw and Bryant could top his 13 TDs from last year. There's no reason to think Bryant won't be among the top two or three fantasy WR producers.

WR - Terrance Williams: Here's where you could get some great value. Williams should be an improved player in his second year and he has the ability to be a big-play receiver. With teams having to pay attention to Bryant and Jason Witten, Williams should definitely get opportunities.

TE - Jason Witten (Gavin Escobar): Witten has always been a big producer in PPR leagues, but his erratic, and sometimes low, touchdown totals can be a problem in leagues that emphasize TDs. He's a solid choice, but some other guys with bigger TD numbers could be more valuable. It's a wait-and-see on Escobar, until he proves he is a force, there is no reason to have him on your team.

So fantasy football players, what are your thoughts on this year's Cowboys players? Got a differing opinion? Hit up the comments.

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