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Cowboys / Raiders Second Joint Practice Open Thread And Twitter Feed - 8/13/14

Join our open thread for the second of two joint practices between the Cowboys and Raiders in Oxnard.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Today could be the last day of training camp in Oxnard. Officially, there is a practice scheduled for tomorrow, but the Cowboys traditionally take an afternoon off towards the end of training camp and go to the beach. Jason Garrett always makes a game about it, and last year it was a game of "who can hit the crossbar", possibly inspired by Alex Tanney and his trick-shot video. But Tanney did not deliver, and it fell on the head coach to "earn" the right for the team to head down to the ocean. Click here for a video of the "Beach Shootout".

But whether the team goes to the beach tomorrow or not doesn't matter today. Today, the Cowboys have their second and final joint practice with the Oakland Raiders, and somewhat unusually, the practice is scheduled from 10:30 AM PT to 12:35 PM PT (1:30 PM ET to 3:35 PM ET). You can follow what's happening in Oxnard via the Twitter feed below, and you can use this post as an open thread for any Cowboys related topic during today's practice.

Like yesterday, we've added a couple of Raiders beat writers to our Twitter feed below, for you to better follow what's going on in Oxnard.

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