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Cowboys vs. Ravens: Game Day Open Thread

The Dallas Cowboys second preseason game.

Patrick Smith

As the Dallas Cowboys move on to their second preseason game of 2014, we can all hope that the results are better than last week's game against the San Diego Chargers. We've discussed over and over how the Cowboys offensive line and backup quarterback Brandon Weeden looked good, but the defense just was not ready to play. A lot of that has to do with injury, just check our OCC's in-depth rundown of the injury situation and you will see why the defense is lagging far behind. It might not get that much better tonight in terms of injured players returning, but let's hope that the guys on the field show better technique, better tackling and just more effort.

The offense will get a boost as Tony Romo returns along with a bunch of the skill players. Of course we'll be watching his back to see how he takes a hit and how he throws under pressure. This will give us our first real indication of just how healthy he is for 2014.

This is an open thread for game chat.

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