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Jason Garrett Saturday Press Conference Updates

Some quick takes from Jason Garrett's brief Saturday (Aug 2nd) press conference.

Rick Yeatts

Jason Garrett held a brief press conference today after the morning walkthrough where the team primarily practiced short-yardage and goal-line situations. It appears this will also be the emphasis during the afternoon practice. Here are a few takeaways from the short presser:

Rolando McClain

"I've like what he's done so far. He's in shape. Easy to see why he was a Top 10 pick."  Garrett also discussed how quickly McClain is picking up the defense and how smart he is in the meeting rooms. Garrett added his tagline "Still has a long way to go" when discussing McClain's future, but it is clear the head coach is already seeing some benefits to this low-risk/high-reward signing. According to Brandon George, Bruce Carter was dealing with some "stomach issues," and that was the reason he was actually with the second-string unit during this morning's walkthrough. His spot was taken by Justin Durant, and Rolando McClain got some starting reps at Mike with the goal-line unit this morning (as did DeVonte Holloman).

Afternoon Practice

Tony Romo did not participate in this morning's walkthrough and Garrett made it clear that Romo would not participate in the afternoon practice either. Part of the reasoning was to give him some additional rest before he takes part in tomorrow's Blue-White Scrimmage. The other reason was that this afternoon's practice will again concentrate on short-yardage and goal-line situations. The good news is that the team will have a handful of "live" plays, so expect to see some hitting and tackling this afternoon as the battles on the goal-line will be some of the first "live action" reps for the team this training camp.

Anthony Spencer

Questions were asked about the time-frame for the return of Anthony Spencer and again we got the usual "take it day by day" response. He has shown some improved lateral movement and is ahead of schedule, but there are no guarantees he will be available for Week 1. However, there was an interesting moment when Garrett was asked what he thinks Spencer can provide as a 4-3 defensive end. Garrett smiled and explained that when the team drafted Spencer, the issue was whether he would be able to play as a 3-4 linebacker because his college experience was as a defensive end. He said the team has no worries about Spencer switching back to defensive end for a few reasons. First, that is his "natural position," and he showed them he was capable early last season. Garrett also explained that the staff recently showed an Anthony Spencer clip during a team meeting to help teach the players how the game should be played. Garrett said Spencer displayed what they want from their defensive players in how he held his assignment and showed his motor and went on to explain how Spencer "plays with a great demeanor and great competitive spirit." While some fans seem to think Spencer has never lived up to his draft status, it seems Garrett would not agree with the sentiment.

Young Cornerbacks

When asked about how the young corners did yesterday with the extra opportunities due to the absence of Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr, and Sterling Moore, Garrett explained how there was a mixed bag. There were "ups and downs," but he seemed quite happy that "no one is backing down" and that they are all being very competitive. The team is using the footage of the many cameras around and above the practice field to show the good and bad from their reps to help the young corners continue to develop.

Blue-White Scrimmage

One day until we get to see some live action Cowboys football! The annual Blue-White Scrimmage is always the first training-camp look at some tackling and "real" football. It will be televised and also streamed at the mothership at 4:30 CT/5:30 EST. Garrett explained that the veterans would play in some specific game situations. So expect most of the reps to go to young and new guys who will get to experience more of the open game environment and prepare to get their first true feel for football against NFL competition.

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