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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Romo Sits Out Another Practice, Melton And Claiborne Back On Field

The latest news predictably is heavily weighted towards who is healthy and who will and won't make the team in Dallas.

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Latest news for the Dallas Cowboys. First up, it is the time of the Turk.

Roster-Trimming Process Begins As Cowboys Cut Two

J.C. Copeland getting cut probably surprised almost no one. Martez Wilson probably was a mild surprise to some, since I have seen at least one very recent roster projection (as in published Monday morning) that had him making the final 53. And you can figure on one other name to join the list.

Rookie tight end Jordan Najvar will have surgery on his torn Achilles Tuesday and will go to an injury list.

Holloman's Dream Fulfilled Despite Shortened Career

Another player who is of course going to be leaving the team is linebacker DeVonte Holloman. To many of us, having to leave the NFL after only one year, especially in a season when the team needed his contributions, may seem tragic. But he has a very positive approach to the cards life has dealt him.

Holloman said Monday he knew it was a recurrence of the injury that forced him out of seven games last year when he went down against the Ravens last week, but he leaves the NFL feeling fulfilled.

"Of course it was a dream fulfilled," Holloman said. "I got to be out here for a year and play against guys I watched on TV and play with guys that I watched and I learned a lot over this year."

He calls himself a Cowboys fan for life. He's got a few Holloman fans for life.

Scout’s Notebook: Moving On From Martez Wilson

Bryan Broaddus also looks at the very intriguing situation shaping up at running back, and addresses what Ryan Williams is doing to try and make the 53 man roster.

In visiting with Ryan Williams after the Ravens game last week, he had a clear understanding of what he needed to do in order to make this 53-man roster. He knew that he had to find a way to show up on special teams, much like Joseph Randle has. Williams did get that opportunity playing on the kickoff, kickoff return and punt return against the Dolphins. For all his work that evening, his best job was working on the punt return, where he did a nice job of holding up the center and maintaining sustain in his block.

Patmon’s Preseason Draws Praise From Fellow Corner

While a lot of people first realized that UDFA rookie Tyler Patmon may have what it takes to play in the NFL during his standout performance against the Dolphins, someone who sees him a lot closer than most had already picked up on this.

Patmon's got everyone's attention after picking off two passes, including one for a touchdown, and forcing a fumble Saturday. But he already had the attention of fellow cornerback Morris Claiborne.

"As soon as he came in, he's one of those guys that's got that type of mentality, swagger about himself where when he walks in, he kind of (commands) that attention," Claiborne said. "He goes out and he plays lights out. It goes from the practice field, from seeing him work and taking it on to practice and from practice to the games, it's amazing."


All eyes around Cowboys Nation are on the practices, anxiously waiting news on who might be returning.

Practice Update: Melton Returns, Romo Not On Field

The team is gradually getting some players back. A lot of them seem to be targeting the last preseason game in order to get some work in.

Backup running backs Joseph Randle (ribs) and Ryan Williams (groin) both got dinged up in Saturday's game. Williams, who said he just cramped up in the game, was practicing Monday; Randle wasn't. Randle was with a group that included Terrell McClainAmobi Okoye ,Anthony SpencerB.W. Webb, (Dwayne) Harris and (George) Selvie off to the side working with the training staff.

Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo 'OK' but got day off - ESPN Dallas

As for Tony Romo not practicing, head coach Jason Garrett assures everyone that this is just part of the plan the team has been using for him.

"The idea was to give him the opportunity, in a light practice, to collect himself and take the day off," Garrett said.

And we all know the head coach would never mislead the media or conceal anything. Much. Unless he had a reason. Or thought he did. Or just wanted to mess with our minds.

Dallas Cowboys' Morris Claiborne ready for action - ESPN Dallas

Morris Claiborne is one of the players who plans to get on the field in the final preseason game.

That's not to say that Claiborne, who has missed the three preseason games due to knee tendinitis and a sprained AC joint in his right shoulder, is completely healthy. He still has soreness in the shoulder, which sidelined him the last two weeks, but he's ready to play in Thursday night's preseason finale if the coaches ask him to, as anticipated.

Dez Bryant making little things a big priority for Dallas Cowboys - ESPN Dallas

One of the most amazing transitions for the Cowboys has been the way Dez Bryant has matured from a sometimes distracting, undisciplined player and man into one of the hardest working and most obvious leaders on the team. Everyone notices the big plays where he celebrates, but he puts just as much effort into making the little plays that can also change the course of a game.

But the drive-sustaining slants are more impressive. Seriously.

They're not sexy and they don't make fans throw up the "X" the way Bryant does after he scores a touchdown. Those types of plays, though, are the ones Bryant must consistently make if he wants to achieve his goal of being one of the game's best receivers.

Injury Updates For Selvie, T. McClain, Claiborne & More

Although several players are working to make the final preseason game, this article predicts that Terrell McClain, George Selvie, and Morris Claiborne will all join Tony Romo in sitting out that game and next seeing action in the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers, despite the hopes they express in some cases.


There were also some late reviews of the game against the Miami Dolphins from a couple of the better minds covering the Cowboys.

Bob's Blog - Live from Lewisville: Morning After: Preseason Week 3 at Miami

Bob Sturm looks at two facets of the game: The problems Doug Free had handling Cameron Wake; and the difference between an unsuccessful defensive play against the run and a well-executed defense on the very next play. It has multiple GIFs and may be the most informative article you can read today (outside of right here, of course). He also weighs in on the candidates for running back.

My best 1st/2nd down back is Murray.  But, he is also my best 3rd Down back. An ideal 3rd down back can handle LBs blitzing and I am not sure there is a guy like that on the roster. Again. 

So, if there isn't, I need to take my best RB and I think Ryan Williams proved he is that guy on Saturday night. Then it comes down to Randle vs Dunbar and I think Randle is more useful on special teams, but I do think Jerry is in love with the concept of Lance Dunbar going back to the Oakland game last year.

Scout’s Eye: Rating The O-Line; More Notes From Miami

Bryan Broaddus does have a very good eye for video, so this is an encouraging note from him.

The game tape of the offensive line did not play as poorly as it appeared when I was watching the game live. Where the Dolphins were able to take advantage was with their coverage on the outside and how they were able to call some timely blitzes, which created some matchup issues. I am not saying the line did not have their share of problems, but it was more individual than collective. Where they had played well in the previous two games with technique, there were noticeable struggles in regard to body placement, punch and footwork. They struggled to sit down on these rushers.

Dallas Cowboys offensive line has already corrected ‘little issues’ from Miami game | Dallas Morning News

According to Travis Frederick, the problems have already been taken care of. Don't believe him? You go tell Fredbeard that.

"I think the mistakes that were made were little issues that can be easily cleaned up," he said before mentioning hand and foot placement and all five guys being on the same page.

"It really was little things," Frederick said. "Couple inches here, couple inches there. We definitely have things to improve on, but we have time to do that and we're going to continue to work hard every day in practice to work on those little things."

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