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Is A Deal Close For Dez Bryant?

With the 2014 season upon us, the veteran wide out for the Cowboys says that he is ready to shift his focus from money to football. Is that because Dez knows he is about ready to start cashing some rather significant paycheck in the upcoming weeks?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

During the late morning hours Ian Rapoport was reporting that Dez Bryant and the Dallas Cowboys were still quite a ways apart in the negotiations regarding a new contract for the fifth-year receiver.

A few short hours later another NFL Media insider, this time Michael Silver, started reporting that the negotiations were becoming pretty intense. At the same time, on the NFL Network, there was word that a deal would be reached prior to the start of the 2014 season. This would seem to gel nicely with what Bryant was telling the media when he was asked about progress in the negotiations. Bryant is on the record as saying that he does not want to be distracted with any business negotiations after the season starts.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. Put it behind me. I love this game. Either way, I feel like I can't be distracted once I'm on the football field."

"We're in conversation. I'll say that. We're talking. We are talking. It only gets better from there. Let's see what happens."

It seems that both sides feel the same way. Just ten hours after his initial tweet, Rapoport's follow up carried a much different tone.

Things have now reached the point to where Silver is boldly stating that not only will the deal be done before the start of the regular season, Bryant's self-imposed deadline, they could actually conclude the deal prior to the Thursday night preseason contest between the Cowboys and the Denver Broncos. He made that declaration during Tuesday's edition of NFL Total Access.

For now, none of the parties are saying things openly. While the Dallas receiver has hinted that things may be close to done, his agent, Eugene Parker, is not returning calls for comments on the negotiations. Jerry Jones, known for his love of a microphone, is staying closed-lipped as well. He brushed aside a chance to comment publicly, while simultaneously lending credence to Bryant's hints.

"He's got a good sense of it. He obviously feels in the right circumstances he wants to get something done. We do, too."

For now, it is anyone's guess what is taking place, but the rumblings are getting stronger. Bryant appears to be getting closer to his stated goal of ensuring that his two boys are well taken care of, and the Cowboys are well on their way to fulfilling their intention of making #88 a Cowboy for life.

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