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Dez Bryant: Top Fantasy Receiver?

How good could Dez Bryant's season be?

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a fantasy football player, then you have a few targets from the Dallas Cowboys to choose from. But could Dez Bryant end up being the top-ranked receiver in the entire NFL? One fantasy football guy predicts that Dez will lead the league in touchdowns this season. He brings along some solid evidence to back it up, namely, no player was targeted more often in 2013 inside the 10-yard line than Dez.

No one in football saw more looks from inside an opponent's 10-yard line last year, and Dez was super efficient. He caught 68 percent of those looks, while converting a league-leading 38 percent of those targets into touchdowns. Bryant is my pick to lead the league in touchdown catches, and it makes too much sense. He is arguably the most physically dominating end zone receiver in football, and he makes them count, scoring 111 fantasy points off short throws, among the best in football. 57 percent of his total fantasy points came off of such throws, but under new offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, expect more downfield looks for one of the best wideouts in the game. Linehan has had great success with number one receivers, such as Megatron, Randy Moss and Torry Holt.

So BTB, if Tony Romo stays healthy, will Dez lead the league in touchdowns? Also, have you drafted any Cowboys in your leagues yet? If so, what rounds did you get them in?

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