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Could Dallas Cowboys Be Looking For Last-Minute Trades Prior To Roster Cut Deadline?

As you are reading this, the Cowboys could be working the phones for one or more trades. What can they offer a potential trading partner?


Last year, the Cowboys were busy working the phones on roster cut day, but a trade didn't materialize until after final roster cuts when the Cowboys traded for LB Edgar Jones from the Kansas City Chiefs on the Saturday of the roster cuts. They then followed that up by trading DT Sean Lissemore to San Diego and TE Dante Rosario to Chicago the next day.

Yesterday, on 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones said the Cowboys had already finalized their cut list after Thursday's game. Jason Garrett added in yesterday's press conference that the Cowboys were making roster cuts yesterday, though an official announcement probably won't be forthcoming until much closer to the roster cut deadline today. We have subsequently learned that WR Jamar Newsome and RB D.J. Adams are among the cuts.

Which means that Will McClay and the rest of the front office are probably on the phones right now trying to line up a few trades in an effort to perhaps get better value for some of the bubble players they've penciled in for the 53-man roster. Roster cuts have to be completed by 4:00 pm ET today, so that would leave the Cowboys with about seven hours from now to get a deal done.

There are a number of players who could be potential trade options

  • Perhaps the most interesting trade bait could be linebacker Bruce Carter. The former second-round pick might offer much better value to a 3-4 team than he does the 2014 Cowboys, and there's ample film from 2012 to prove it. Of course, that would leave the Cowboys even thinner at linebacker than they already are, but swapping a 3-4 linebacker on a 4-3 team for a 4-3 linebacker on a 3-4 team could be an option. A difficult option, but an option regardless.
  • Did veteran guard Uche Nwaneri stand out enough in preseason action to attract possible suitors?
  • Another option could involve wide receiver LaRon Byrd, who has done well in preseason, but may not make the roster because of the quality of the guys ahead of him.
  • Offensive tackles Jermey Parnell and Darrion Weems might also generate some interest. Both are tenured backups who might be of interest to somebody, and teams even have NFL tape on Parnell.
  • The Cowboys don't usually carry four RBs, so Ryan Williams could be an option for a team thin at RB.

Those are just a few random options, there could be more players of course. But there could also be the option of using a draft pick as leverage in a trade, like last year's trade for Edgar Jones.

The Cowboys could be looking to trade any of these players for future draft picks, but the more likely scenario would be that they'll be looking at player-for-player trades that would bring a pass rusher or perhaps a backup offensive lineman to Dallas. Of course, most teams will probably want to see which players are cut before making any kind of trade - unless they're worried someone else could make a waiver wire claim an their targeted players.

Which player would you offer up in a trade?

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