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Dallas Cowboys Ticket Prices Up 12% Versus Last Year

Demand for Cowboys tickets remains high in 2014, despite some decidedly mixed results on the field over the last few years.

Tom Pennington

Much has been made this year about the declining attendance at training camp in Oxnard. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who hasn't been arrested yet, gleefully wrote that attendance at camp in Oxnard was down in the first week of camp this year.

While the Cowboys technically shouldn’t care about how many Californians show up to watch an NFL team based in Texas practice, at a certain level, Jerry Jones and company need to be concerned that the camp attendance may be a barometer of overall, sea-to-shining-sea interest in the NFL’s official even-Steven franchise, 8-8 for each of the last three years and .500 on the nose dating back to 1997. [...]

It could be that America’s Team no longer is. If it ever really was.

Hot on the heels of Florio's "report" about the decline of the Dallas Cowboys comes an article from Forbes which shows how ticket prices have increased for the Cowboys' home games this year, despite three consecutive 8-8 finishes.

According to TiqIQ, the average price for home games on the Cowboys schedule this season is $264.38. That’s a 12% increase from last year’s average of $235.96. It’s also currently the seventh highest secondary market season average for NFL teams this year.

If we were to apply Florio's haphazard logic here, we could easily argue that all is well for America's Team, now perhaps more than ever.

The most expensive Cowboys home game this year is the home opener against the 49ers, where the average price is currently $438, or 66% above the season average. Here's a selection of some of the ticket prices for Cowboys home games as provided by TiqIQ:

Week Opponent Date Day Time Avg. Price
1 49ers Sep 7, 2014 Sunday 4:25 PM ET $438
Sep 28, 2014 Sunday 8:30 PM ET $282
5 Texans Oct 5, 2014 Sunday 1:00 PM ET $314
8 Redskins Oct 27, 2014 Monday
4:25 PM ET $251
13 Eagles Nov 27, 2014 Thursday 4:30 PM ET $268
All prices as of Aug 7, 2014

Last year, Business Insider reported that half of all regular football fans prefer watching NFL games at home over watching them live, even if they were offered free tickets. An average ticket price of $260 is very far from free, but then again, if you are reading this post about the Dallas Cowboys in the depths of the offseason, you are also very far from being a "regular football fan". So here's a question for you:

Looking at the entire Cowboys' schedule, and not just the five home games listed above, which game would you like to attend in person this year, despite the high cost of attending such a game?

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