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Jerry Jones Goes Missing As Pictures Of Questionable Activity Hit Media

A strange scandal may have prompted the normally loquacious owner of the Dallas Cowboys to avoid the microphones and cameras he likes to spend so much time with.

The Star is a little tarnished by the owner's actions.
The Star is a little tarnished by the owner's actions.
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A very unusual thing happened concerning the Dallas Cowboys. During their trip from Oxnard to play the San Diego Chargers in the first pre-season game, Jerry Jones seemed to drop out of sight.

What the Dallas media has been sort of dancing around the past few days is the recent release of some pictures depicting Jones involved in some very questionable behavior with a couple of much younger women. Originally released on a sports/gossip blog (yes, there is a site for everything out there in the interwebs), it has since been picked up by more mainstream outlets, such as USA Today and the New York Post, along with several others. The more reputable sources also have added a good bit of detail to what is really involved.

Without going into too many specifics (the links above will provide all you might need), the pictures show Jones behaving in sexually suggestive ways with two women who have identified themselves as strippers. The pictures were reportedly taken five years ago at a party. Both women state that they don't remember too much about what happened because they had an excessive amount to drink. Additionally, they claim the pictures were taken without their knowledge, but that seems highly suspect. Both the pictures where Jones is clearly identifiable look like they are being posed for the camera.

The person who actually released these pictures has been identified as "Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks groupie Frank Hoover", who made some rather bizarre claims about why he released them and where they came from.

In the rambling letter, Hoover alleges he got the photos from a group of people who conspired to blackmail the billionaire.

"I am the way, the truth and Jerry, you are my light," wrote Hoover, who calls himself the "Son of God."

In light of the myriad strange facets of this story, keeping Jerry Jones away from microphones may be the best strategy at the moment, given his past history of making inappropriate statements.

There is also probably an effort underway to keep this as separate from the team as possible, since it has nothing to do with the players, coaches or staff of the Dallas Cowboys outside of Jones himself. In Jerry's absence, his more-than-capable son Stephen has stepped into the role of chief spokesman for the ownership (although he has not totally avoided controversy himself the past week).

This story is likely not over, and it is nothing but a distraction for everyone outside the Jones family and the two women involved. It says nothing about the way Jerry Jones runs his team, although it has some disturbing implications for how he conducts his personal life. Even given that, there is no indication that anyone was harmed in any way by the actions depicted in the pictures, or any overt indication of illegal activity. Immorality may have been rampant, but nothing that directly relates to Jones' fitness as owner of an NFL franchise.

It does, sadly, reinforce his image as irresponsible and frequently out of control. The way this plays out will have no positive benefits for the Cowboys, and does threaten to be an ongoing diversion from the business of fielding a competitive team. At the least, this will tarnish the Star, by association if nothing else. It would have been better if Jones had found another way to entertain himself five years ago. Or at least had not let his picture be taken.

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