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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Open Thread - Practice Number Twelve - 8/9/14

The BTB open threads are THE place to be during Cowboys practice, unless you're at practice in Oxnard of course. Or doing a quality check on the DCC calendar. Or busy BAFL'ing. Or growing a beard. Or praying for Matt Johnson's health.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's back to practice for the Cowboys after a day of rest following Thursday's game against the Chargers.

The Cowboys had 27 players out vs. San Diego, including 13 starters or key contributors. Most of those players weren't seriously hurt, and we'll see many of those names at practice today. That includes Brandon Carr, who rejoins the team after attendng to his mother's funeral on Wednesday.

You can follow what's happening in Oxnard via the Twitter feed below, and you can use this post as an open thread for any Cowboys related topic during today's practice.

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