Jerry Jones, Unrepentant, Unapologetic, Unchanging

Hi. It's 11:15 at night. I'm kind of depressed. I just saw the ESPN interview with Jerry. Apparently he has not been reading BtB and all the comments about how he is changing, how it's a 'new' Jerry, how Stephen is really in charge.

I rarely watch ESPN, so maybe this interview (and print story?) is old news for many. But I was watching highlights, and they said the interview was coming on, so I stuck around.

I stuck around. Wish I hadn't. It was wrong, oh so wrong on so many levels.

1) Apparently this guy can't let go of a 20 year old grudge with the coach that coached the team to 2 SB's, and helped build the team that won 3. He came across as a petulant child, as vainglorious in wanting all the praise for the Cowboys' success. Sad to see in an old man.

2) He apparently spends all day, who knows how many days of the year, running around, being "accessible" (thanks for always giving all those interviews, JJ). Checking on his Baby Huey Stadium, doing fundraisers, well, running a billion-dollar business. Which is fine. Except he still wants to be GM too! This 72-year old is running himself into the ground, day after day................but he magically has time to also watch film, scour reports, and keep up with everything? Welllll, some of you will say, he has scouts and other people who do all those things and they bring it all to him. Besides the obvious problem many of us have had with the owner also being GM, he says how he loves "combining business with sports with entertainment" and turning it all into a cash machine. That's his vision. He actually said that. Yet we're to believe he can run this business/circus sideshow and still have time to compete with other GM's around the league? Anyone who wishes to argue this point, include a list for me of which other GM's are also owners, and which others actively run multi-billion dollar corporations as they go about their NFL GM jobs.

3) He actually regrets passing on Manziel. Because he thinks ManBoy is so talented??? Nope. Nothing football related like that, banish the thought!! No, because Manziel is a Lightning Rod for attention, and he thought to combine "Johnny Football" with "America's Team" would generate interst and build "The Brand" and, of course, bring in the dough. And it was very very apparent when he talked about this that he feels son Stephen owes him one, and that GM Jerry is NOT done with Stoopid GM Jerry Moves, as some would like to think. Ohhh, no. He told Stephen that if he hadn't been willing to take risks he'd have never bought the Cowboys, and you have to jump in the river and take risks. So items like signing big FA's, or trading for Roy Williams, or moving up in the draft, that we here had started to think he might have moved on from?? He's not done, not done at all. Wait til there's some Cap room available again and you'll see. The look on his face at being talked into passing on Manziel, and his words, said it all-Stephen and Co. owe him a couple. Next few big gambles that come along, the GM's in charge and he'll be pulling the trigger. He's owed, and he got where he is by taking risks, by golly, he's not stopping now.

4) Which brings us here........he's not letting go. There is no transition going on, whatever we may think. That title 'GM' is staying on his business card, and as far as I could tell, literally until he's medically unable to perform the function (I'm too tired/depressed to do a cheap erectile suction device joke here, go ahead and giggle though). This is no joke and not up for debate. This all goes back to the points above-in Jerry's mind, the Cowboys are a tool for him to work out his "legacy" with. To get that stain off his record of only winning with Jimmy's team, and never getting (boo hoo!) the credit for the 90's. That is what this is all about. His reaction when Johnson was brought up was stunning-he went speechless. That's a new one.

4) So combine 1, 2, and 3 above. We have a GM who's living in the past and still trying to work out some psychological issue from 20 years ago, who is stretched as thin as his plastic surgeried skin, and who still views taking risks not only as OK but as essential. I always bring this up..............Jones loved Al Davis. Who knows what those 2 men discussed, but I'll bet at some point they had conversations about owning a team, being the one who 'made' that team and thus being able to do whatever they please with it, and about not getting respect for their 'genius.' And look at what Davis did to the Raiders. A franchise that was one of the greatest has been a joke for so long now that they are irrelevant. Fans, your Dallas Cowboys can fall down that "Black Hole" of irrelevance too. In ten years talk about the Cowboys as one of the most important teams in the league, of their storied history, could drift away. Who ever talks about the Raiders anymore?? You don't think it can happen to America's Team? Ha! When Romo's done and they have no one to QB they could go downhill quickly, and you have enough losing seasons and go 20+ years w/barely a playoff win, and people forget about you.

I fear the day I mention I'm a Cowboys fan, and fans of other teams don't care. When they aren't the most hated team, because no one will remember that they used to win a lot. When more and more teams catch up to their 8 SB's and 5 wins. When they become the Raiders, the team that's only good in grainy old footage from NFL Films.

Jerry Jones has good health care. He could easily hold onto this job for 15 more years. Was there anything new in this interview, is there anything here I haven't said before? Not really. But my gosh, seeing him sit there and in HD unapologetically, unrepentantly say he plans on continuing to do things just the way they're done now, well it was a slap in the face. And to see how much that man lives in the past and the future, unable to get over old 'slights', and too concerned about his "Legacy", to notice what's going on right now. Maybe I'd been a little koolaided here at BtB into thinking, yeah, Jerry's getting older so he must be getting wiser, right? His son Stephen is no spring chicken (50 years old and he can't take over yet!), he'll hand the keys over soon, or someday, right?

No. It turns out, no. He actually has no plan at all to do any such thing. And how dare I suggest it. After all, he won 3 SB's. A couple of decades ago. Five presedential terms ago, the year something called the World Wide Web became accessible, the year of OJ, and Princess Diana's divorce, something called a DVD is introduced, and the Unabomber is on the loose. The year the Carolina Panthers were founded, who have since won 6 playoff games and made a SB. Oh, and the Jaguars, who have won 5 playoff games since being founded that year.

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