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One Dallas Cowboy Is Definitely Facing The Pressure To Perform

After last week's debacle, all eyes will be on one player for the Cowboys on Sunday.

Pressure? Yeah, it's on #9 this week.
Pressure? Yeah, it's on #9 this week.
Christian Petersen

I could talk about it being a team game. You know, go over how it takes eleven men, and three phases of the game, and coaching, and all that. But for Dallas Cowboys fans, there really isn't question as to who on the team is going to be under the most pressure to perform this week, as well as standing in the focus of the media spotlight and being under scrutiny by every single sports media type making any comments whatsoever on this week's game with the Tennessee Titans.

Tony Romo, come on down!

After his completely aggravating three interception performance, spiced up by some highly questionable decisions with the ball deep in the red zone, Romo now has the weight of the season on him after only one week. Unless he shows the world that his dismal performance against the San Francisco 49ers was a fluke and not what can be expected from him for the rest of the 2014 season, there are going to be very few wins for Dallas.

The team believes that this was just a case of mental rust.

Romo didn't have a three-interception game last season.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said Wednesday he's confident Romo will have a "good comeback" against the Titans.

"He plays well after that type of outing," Jones said. "He's been pretty good about coming back off of that."

The article went on to point out that Romo is actually 5-5 after throwing three or more interceptions in a game. The Cowboys really need him to get things back on track. Yes, it it early in the season, but an 0-2 start is tough to overcome.

Not only is Romo facing pressure from how bad his performance was, he is literally that basket the Cowboys put all their quarterbacking eggs in. With a $100 million contract, Dallas is locked into him, unless they are ready to face some real cap hell. The offense is designed to play to his strengths. The entire preseason practice schedule was centered around getting him and his surgically repaired back to the regular season intact and ready to go.

The intact part worked out well. The ready to go, well, not so much. If Romo does not get things turned around this week, then the coaching staff is going to take even more heat than it already has over the plan they used with the quarterback. The pressure is certainly on this week for Romo, and it is from every conceivable direction.

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