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Can The Dallas Cowboys Score 30 Points A Game?

Even with the "league's worst defense" in 2013, the Cowboys could have comfortably made the playoffs - if they had scored one extra field goal per game.

Donald Miralle

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White recently said the Falcons have set themselves a target of achieving 30 points per game in 2014.

"That's our goal," White told "From the start of the offseason through training camp, we always told ourselves we have to score 30 a game. That's what we want to do. It's hard to score 30 in the NFL, I'm trying to tell you. I mean, we've got the personnel to do it."

Since realignment in 2002, and after the Greatest Show on Turf averaged more than 30 points per game for three consecutive years from 1999-2001, only 13 teams have averaged more than 30 points per game (which translates to 480 points per season)

Year Team Points Scored W/L Record
2013 Denver 606 13-3
2012 New England 557 12-4
2012 Denver 481 13-3
2011 Green Bay 560 15-1
2011 New Orleans 547 13-3
2011 New England 513 13-3
2010 New England 518 14-2
2009 New Orleans 510 13-3
2007 New England 589 16-0
2006 San Diego 492 14-2
2004 Indianapolis 522 12-4
2004 Kansas City 483 7-9
2003 Kansas City 484 13-3

Of note, 12 of those 13 teams made the playoffs and their W/L records average out to about 13-3. If you're looking for a quick way to the playoffs, history suggests that consistently scoring 30 points would be a good place to start looking.

The Cowboys of course are coming off a season opener where they only managed a contemptibly low 17 points on offense, but that doesn't mean 30 points per game is entirely out of their range. Last year, the Cowboys scored 439 points, which averages out to 27.4 points per game, the fifth highest total in the league.

That means the Cowboys were just a field goal per game away from reaching the 30-point threshold last season. Or think about it this way: If we were to add three points in the Cowboys' favor to every one of last year's games, the Cowboys would have a 12-3-1 record, tying the game against the Broncos (actual score 48-51), and winning the games against the Chiefs (16-17), Lions (30-31), Packers (36-37), and the season finale against the Eagles (22-24).

Even with the "league's worst defense" in 2013, the Cowboys could have comfortably made the playoffs - if they had scored one extra field goal per game.

This year, the Cowboys are stacked on offense like seldom before: they have arguably one of the best O-lines in the NFL; they have Pro Bowlers at WR, TE, and RB; Tony Romo has consistently been one of the top QBs in the league in every season since 2006; if they can get it together and all perform up to their potential, there are not that many teams in the NFL that can keep pace with an offense that consistently puts up 30 points.

But can they get it together enough?

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