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Cowboys 26 - Titans 10: Clownface Cake For The "Experts"

We take a gleeful look at some of the expert predictions made before the game, most of which had the Cowboys as underdogs.

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Chris Brunskill

The Cowboys traveled to Tennessee as 3.5-point underdogs. Home teams generally start with a base 3-point advantage, so these odds suggested that on a neutral field, the game could have been a pretty even match. But not according to some of the experts, many of whom saw the Titans as overwhelming favorites.

Turns out they were ever so slightly off the mark.

ESPN picked 1-13 against the Cowboys:


Pro Football Focus were unanimous in picking the Cowboys to lose:


SB Nation's panel of experts were also hit hard by the clownface cake that came flying in from Tennessee.


Even the hometown Dallas Morning News Panel showed they have very little hometown love for Cowboys.


Not all panels we follow were as lopsided as the panels above, as the table below shows:

Site Cowboys Titans Cowboys Season
Pick Accuracy
USA Today 4 3 .786 (11-3)
Foxsports 2 2 .750 (6-2)
NFL Around The League 2 3 .600 (6-4)
SB Nation 1 6 .500 (7-7)
Dallas Morning News 1 8 .444 (8-10)
ESPN 1 13 .393 (11-17)
Pro Football Focus 0 8 .375 (6-10)
CBSSports 1 7 .313 (5-11)
Yahoosports 0 2 .250 (1-3)
Total 12 52 .477 (61-67)

But while it sure is fun to point fingers after what has to be considered an upset win, the poor record of the experts in picking Cowboys games also highlights that at this point in the season, it's hard to accurately assess these Cowboys.

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