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Cowboys Game Plan? Get The Ball To DeMarco Murray And Dez Bryant

The Cowboys decided to simplify things and get the ball in the hands of their best players on offense. The game plan was all DeMarco and Dez.

Demarco Murray
Demarco Murray
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were facing the possibility of going 0-2 on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. There were questions about how the team would bounce back from the opening loss. Would they look scared? Would they keep their composure if they had a bad break? Or would they start saying to themselves, "this is too important a game, we have to start forcing things."

Well the Cowboys kept their composure when DeMarco Murray put the ball on the ground early again. In the post game I think I heard Jason Garrett say that he told Murray "hang on to the damn ball, expect to get it 30 times today" or something close to that. The Cowboys went into the game thinking they would take some pressure off Tony Romo by running the ball early and often, it would not be surprising that Garrett told Linehan something like, "get Murray 30 or more carries today, no matter what," maybe it only seemed that way.

Dez was Dez. He is just so valuable to this team and was just too much for the defense to handle as he went for 103 yards and Murray went for 167 yards.

Jason Witten was once again not much of a factor as he only got 4 catches for 32 yards. Is he slowing down? Are teams doing a better job of taking him out of the game? Perhaps it was none of those as it would seem that the Cowboys game plan was to let Murray and Dez dominate, and that plan worked to perfection.

The other receivers after, Witten's four catches, only got a total of five catches.

Rolando McClain is doing what the organization had hoped he would do and that was fly all over the field and make plays. The defense gave up around 316 yards if my math is correct, which is about the same number of yards they gave up last game, and if they keep that pace, it should be in the top 10 in the NFL. Not bad for a much maligned defense.

The corners played well including Mo Claiborne. Mo did not wrap up on one play that led to a long touchdown. He  can be forgiven for that one bad tackle though because otherwise did a really good job of covering and one reason is more than likely the fact that the defense appeared to be in man coverage more of the game.

All in all, it looks like a great game plan going forward.

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