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Cowboys Defensive Tackle Josh Brent Suspended For 10 Games

The NFL has finally ruled on Josh Brent's return to the NFL.


It's not like the Cowboys made any news today! But there is more that we need to report on. The Cowboys have been waiting for the NFL and Roger Goodell to rule on the reinstatement of Josh Brent. The news is in and it's likely not what the Cowboys were hoping for. Brent has been suspended for the first 10 games of the 2014 season.

According to the NFL announcement, Brent can not participate in any activities at the Cowboys facility for six weeks except for a very limited list of items (meeting with certain team personnel). During Week 7 he can start participating in meetings and conditioning, but can't practice or travel with the team. He can start practicing with the team after Week 9, and can finally play a game in Week 11.

Brent also has to stay away from any alcohol-related incidents and comply with all court rulings and any other professional help mandated for his treatment. If he fails in that he can be suspended or banished from the league. He has five days to appeal the decision.

By the time Week 11 rolls around, the Cowboys could either be fighting for the playoffs or playing out the string. If it is the former, then maybe Brent can be a help during that stretch.

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