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Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam; Jason Garrett Only Wants To Talk About Football

Jason Garrett holds his first press conference after signing Michael Sam... and only wanted to talk football.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you've watched Jason Garrett at all, you probably should have expected he wasn't going to indulge the press in many questions about signing Michael Sam. I could sit here and give you quotes of what he said, but instead let me summarize it for you. Michael Sam was a good college player, he did some things well for the Rams in the preseason, all our reports about him were positive and that he's a good worker, defensive line is obviously a position we've been looking at, we hope Sam may help us.

You want to ask anymore about Sam? Garrett didn't really think that was important. He basically said it was the media's decision to make a story out of Micheal Sam, the Cowboys only look at him as a football player. After answering a few more Michael Sam questions in essentially the same way, the gathered press finally gave up and moved on to other things. Round one to Jason Garrett.

Jason Garrett isn't stupid, he knows this will continue to be a topic of interest from the media. But I give him credit for handling the initial part as well as he possibly could. He answered a few questions about Sam, but only on football. Then he shut it down, said it's too much attention on a practice squad player, let's talk about playing the 49ers this Sunday.

And that is what happened. We now know Jason Garrett's strategy for dealing with the media and Michael Sam. Now, we'll see how the rest of the team deals with it.

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