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Six Takeaways From The Cowboys @ Packers Game

The Cowboys had their chances at a win, but came up short.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There should not be anyone who can say that the refs gave the Cowboys the game this time. Here are some quick takeaways from the game.

First - The fumble by DeMarco Murray when there was clear sailing to the end zone. It was a really good play by Julius Peppers, but Murray should have had both hands on the ball.

Second - While Troy Aikman was saying that Garrett was making a mistake by not going for the field goal on that fourth down play, I think it was obvious that Garrett made the correct call. Dan Bailey was not connecting for one thing, and second, even if Bailey would have made it, the Cowboys would still have needed another score which meant they would have to have gotten the ball back to do that, and as was seen, they never got the ball back.

Third - For those that may criticize Tony Romo for holding on to the ball and taking sacks, the flip side of that is that sometimes when you try to get rid of the ball worse things can happen such as interceptions and intentional grounding.

Fourth - I thought that Rod Marinelli did an outstanding job and so did all of our other assistant coaches. My hope is that Jerry will overpay all of them to keep this staff together for a few more years. It is obvious to me and it should be to everyone that this staff has what it takes and the sky is the limit.

Fifth - On the radio here in Redskins territory, the fans and sportscasters are all saying that the rule should be changed to that being a catch because when you look at it logically and your eyes tell you that it was a catch, it should be a catch even if the rule says otherwise.

Sixth -  As far as the missing pieces go, we need some more defensive line monsters in the middle and maybe some more rush men and a few corners.

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