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Scott Linehan Will Return As Cowboys Offensive Coordinator

With Jason Garrett and Rod Marinelli under contract and Bill Callahan looking for greener pastures, the Jones family has put the finishing touches on the final major piece of the 2015 coaching picture.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

In 2014, former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan joined the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff as the passing game coordinator and play caller. In spite of concerns that it was a return to more of the same old aerial attack that had left the Cowboys short of expectations, Linehan's efforts resulted in a heavy dose of a ball control, pound-the-rock offense that helped keep the Cowboys' beleaguered defense off the field. His efforts had quite an impact on the 12-4 season in 2014, and Linehan's name was associated with job openings with other franchises, making the Cowboys' play caller something of a hot commodity in some circles. With a three-day window to wrap up the services of the coaches whose contracts were expiring, the Dallas front office set to work in hopes of "keeping the band together".

Keeping Jason Garrett around was a given, but his principle subordinates were less likely to stay. Quickly the team secured the services of Rod Marinelli as defensive coordinator. It seems that accounts of him being ready to move to the beaches in Florida were over exaggerated. That left both Linehan and the "official" offensive coordinator, Bill Callahan to be determined. It was clear that whatever Callahan decided, his counterpart would be the number two man in charge of the offense, regardless of title. With Callahan making his intent to seek other employment clear, the way was cleared for finalizing a deal with Linehan.

The two sides worked late into the night on Wednesday before things were resolved Around midnight the word began to leak through the Twitterverse.

Cowboys fans can now breathe a big sigh of relief. The Big Three of the coaching staff will return to begin the task of completing The Process.

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