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Bill Callahan Signs Three-Year Deal With Washington

The Cowboys finally lose an assistant coach this offseason

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys run of good luck in holding on to their assistant coaches has ended with the departure of Bill Callahan. Callahan had coached the offensive line and held the nominal position of offensive coordinator in 2014, but had his play-calling duties stripped before the year began. Much of the speculation was around Callahan joining the Cleveland Browns and teaming up with Mike Pettine. Instead, he opted to join the Cowboys NFC East rival, Washington.

Strangely, the Redskins already have an offensive coordinator in the person of Sean McVay. It appears that Callahan will work with the offensive line in Washington which is kind of a lateral move. If that's the case, Callahan must have really wanted out of Dallas.

In other news, Scott Linehan has the title of offensive coordinator in his contract according to sources, so Dallas obviously saw Callahan leaving.

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