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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: The Case For Keeping DeMarco Murray

Latest Cowboys headlines: Jerry Jones learned an important lesson in the 2014 draft; Draft prep kicks into high gear; Cowboys leaders on defense step up.

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Case for Murray — it’s about value, not position - San Antonio Express-News
Buck Harvey argues that even in this era of the NFL, where "running backs are considered as replaceable as the footballs they carry," the NFL's leading rusher is still worth a big investment.

Last week Garrett called him a complete back. But he went further in his praise.

"I think that idea of his mindset, his mentality, his demeanor, his toughness, I think that really, really helped the identity of our football team," Garrett said. "In many ways, he established the identity of our football team."

How much money [is Murray] worth? Compared to the Cowboys’ J.J. Wilcox — whose only chance to tackle a Packer last Sunday was to have one accidentally run into him — a lot. So sometimes a safety is worth a big investment. Sometimes it’s a right guard or a tight end. And sometimes, even in this era, it’s the NFL rushing leader.

Jones will get that.

Cowboys ahead of the curve as running the football is making a comeback | Rick Gosselin, DMN
Gosselin thinks he's seeing a comeback of the ground game, based on the success of the Seahawks and Cowboys, as well as some stuff at the college level.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the running game is making a comeback. It may be fashionable to pass the ball, but winning never goes out of style. And lately it’s the running backs, not the quarterbacks, with a leg up.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones learns important lesson in 2014 - The Duncan Banner
This article argues that passing on Johnny Manziel in the 2014 draft may have been the Cowboys' best offseason decision, and one that will benefit the Cowboys in this year's draft.

There was a key moment that will benefit Dallas for the next few years. It happened with Johnny Manziel on the board and the Cowboys on the clock. Jerry Jones, who has always been about flash, passed on stealing the show and made the boring, practical pick in Zack Martin.

Thirteen wins have reinforced Jones’ safe decision. He was named NFL Executive of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America, too. He’s a gambler by nature, but Jones isn’t going to mess around this offseason.

Jerry is on board with that, even if it means he has to make the boring move.

Jason La Canfora: ‘Watch Out For Cowboys Buying Low On Peterson’ – CBS Sports Radio
There's a remote chance that exchanging the 26-year old Murray for the 29-year old Adrian Peterson may make sense in one of the inifinite number of parallel universes out there. Here's CBSSports' Jason La Canfora, traveler between universes:

"I think the elephant in the room is Adrian Peterson," La Canfora said. "If (Jones) feels like he’s able to buy low on Adrian Peterson and he’s reinstated, they’ve got their eye on that situation. Murray would make the case, ‘I should be making what LeSean McCoy and some of these guys are making – or at least close to it.’ They’re not offering anything close to that. I think they’ll continue to slow-play that. If somebody blows Murray out of the water early in free agency, then so be it. I think they feel like with their offensive line and their quarterback and some of their their weapons there that he’s replaceable. If you can buy low on Adrian Peterson – and he’s a more physical back than Murray – just watch out for that one."

If not DeMarco Murray, then who will be running back for Dallas Cowboys? | DMN
The options offered are a running back by committee and a whole bunch of free agents including - you guessed it - Adrian Peterson.


Sound FX': Cowboys vs. Lions - NFL Videos
If you haven't yet seen it, watch this NFL video of the game with both sides mic'd up. Watch how Rolando McClain is as fired up as you've ever seen him (and the whole defense is listening to him), how Jeremy Mincey addresses his teammates and how Orlando Scandrick engages with the referees and teammates. Added bonus: watch Matthew Safford throw a hissy fit on the sidelines.

Above all though, this is a video about the leadership on the Cowboys defense, and it's no coincidence that the video features Rolando McClain, Jeremy Mincey and Orlando Scandrick heavily.

Cowboys’ Draft Prep Kicks Into High Gear Tuesday At 2015 Senior Bowl | David Helman,
The Cowboys’ coaching staff will be in Arizona coaching the Pro Bowl during Senior Bowl week, so while they won't be able to personally participate, their scouting department will make sure the coaches stay in the loop.

"We’ll be able to get that film and obviously we’ll be able to get the film of the game," Garrett said. "Then, our scouts and other people who were down there will start that interview process with some of these guys. But we’ll continue really throughout the spring."

For The Dallas Cowboys, Hosting The College Football Playoff Is Key To AT&T Stadium's Financial Success - Forbes
When Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, the organization was losing $75,000 per day. Forbes recounts those early days, how Charlotte Jones-Anderson helped stopped the bleeding, how the Cowboys subsequently became one of the most profitable sports franchizes, and how hosting major events is part of the team’s blueprint for financial success.

"We look at this building and we believe that we are the number-one spot in terms of capacity, technology and fan experience," Charlotte Jones Anderson said. "What drives everyone’s event success is how fans feel when they’re at the event, when they’re getting there, how they experience the game and what their take-away is when they leave the game. When you do a lot of surveying of fans, like we do, you want people to come in and say they’ve never had an experience like this one. When you set that kind of bar, then hopefully your fans will keep coming back, you’ll keep getting events like this and it’ll be a success for everyone."

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