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Coaching For Garrett Is An Opportunity Too Good To Pass Up

Assistant coaches may come and go around the NFL, but the ones in Dallas consider themselves fortunate to be in a culture where they enjoy going to work.

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One of the major concerns for the Dallas Cowboys heading in to the off-season was keeping a majority of a successful coaching staff in place. Winning often means that the coaches who work under the head coach become attractive prospects for other franchises around the National Football League. Scott Linehan and Rod Marinelli were both considered to be likely prospects to make such moves before Jerry Jones signed both men to contract extensions.

One thing that both coaches have stated publicly is that they were interested in remaining in Dallas, not only due to the color of Jones' money, but due to the working climate that Jason Garrett has created inside Valley Ranch. Marinelli has stated that the much discussed move to rejoin Lovie Smith in Tampa was never an option. He had no intentions of leaving the Cowboys. He looks forward to the challenge of building on the foundation he laid this season.

"I just love it here. I love football and this place, it just reeks with tradition and winning and wanting to win, wanting to be the very, very best. I think that's as exciting as anything." - Rod Marinelli

One of the major factors that Marinelli gave for his wanting to remain with the organization was Jason Garrett and the culture that he has established within the organization. Coach Linehan had similar reasons for wanting to be a part of the Cowboys future.

I don't think I've ever had as much fun as I did last year coaching. It wasn't just the winning. The way the organization is run, the day-to-day and working for Jason. All of it has been great." - Scott Linehan

The new offensive coordinator went on to credit Garrett for the chemistry that exists within the locker room and the coaches offices.

"I think that's one of the things I'm most proud of with our team and I think Jason (Garrett) has done a great job in developing the communication to have the team chemistry we had this year."

Jason Garrett has done a masterful job of building a winning culture around the Cowboys' headquarters and because of that he has been able to bring in a staff of coaches that are working together as a collaborative unit. Their goal is to continue to build on the success that the franchise is once again starting to experience. It is not Frank Pollack's offensive linemen or Jerome Henderson's defensive backs; there is a collective responsibility shared among the staff. Both glory and blame are now shared among all. Together they are more than the sum of their parts. That is a breeding ground for continued achievement and each coach on the staff is proud to be a part of the bigger picture. There is no "I" in team as far as the Dallas coaching staff is concerned and that is all to the credit of the red headed man at the top.

"We'll do it as a staff. It's not just me tweaking it. We'll all just evaluate it, We'll sit down and watch all of our game tapes and cut-ups before we make any decisions moving forward. There's a lot of things that have to get done. We'll do it together. I think the continuity and chemistry of our staff was never too big for anything to do to adjust and make some of the moves and philosophical things to help us win." - Scott Linehan

It has long been obvious that the Cowboys players love playing for Garrett. They have made that clear time and again. Now his top assistants are jumping on board with the same message, Coach Garrett has created an environment where his subordinate coaches are excited to be an integral part of the process and where they enjoy coming to work each day. They are all embracing the challenge of getting the Cowboys to the next level and they are doing so as a team. It is nice to see that the band is just as excited to be back together as we are excited to have them back.

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