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Cowboys News: Taking The Full Romo Cap Hit; Mincey Best In Playoffs

It's the quiet time of the year for Cowboys news, but we are digging away. Plus we look at some other stories you might want to read.

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Cowboys should keep Tony Romo's cap figure where it is - ESPN Dallas

Todd Archer has joined the ranks of those who see "Dallas Cowboys cap hell" as a myth. He makes an argument for taking the full (gulp) $27.773 million cap hit this year for the quarterback to keep from kicking that infamous can further down the road. It would avoid future issues if the team did not restructure Tony Romo, and they really don't need to.

They can still create about $31 million in space with other moves and have enough to be viable players in free agency, re-sign their key guys and get all of their draft picks signed.

ProFootballFocus: Dallas Cowboys’ Jeremy Mincey best 4-3 DE in the playoffs | Dallas Morning News

More evidence that Jeremy Mincey was a huge steal for the Cowboys in free agency. And he wasn't the only Dallas defensive end to get some notice in the postseason.

Mincey excelled at rushing the quarterback in the playoffs, according to PFF. His pass-rush was graded out at +5.2 in the playoffs in 89 snaps. His overall grade by PFF in the playoffs was +6.7, which was 1.3 higher than the next closest 4-3 defensive end in Carolina's Charles Johnson.

Cowboys veteran Anthony Spencer finished third overall in the playoffs among 4-3 defensive ends, according to PFF, with a +3.6 grade.

Despite Pro Bowl Status, Dallas Offensive Line Faces Tough Choice At Right Tackle Spot | Dallas Cowboys

David Helman looks at the choice the Cowboys will likely have to make between Doug Free and Jermey Parnell as the right tackle for this year (although I could swear I read something like this before). He quotes Stephen Jones talking about the foundation laid for the line through the draft, but also about the RT position not set.

The foundation is clearly in place for the foreseeable future, but Jones perfectly encapsulated a pressing need for 2015, even on such a deep unit - both right tackles, Doug Free and Jermey Parnell, are out of contract this spring.

"We'll have to make a tough decision there with Doug and Jermey," he said. "Hopefully we'll at least keep one of them."

Watch: Tony Romo stars in Pizza Hut Super Bowl commercial | Dallas Morning News

Just a bit of fun about Tony Romo getting some extra dollars selling pizza. You know, because he is so hurting for money.

Mailbag: How High Of A Priority Is Dwayne Harris?; Was 2014 A Fluke? | Dallas Cowboys

A nice bit of optimism from Bryan Broaddus about the future of the team.

Bryan: For the first time in a long time, this front office has a clear plan in the way they need to operate. As long as they continue to add quality players through the draft and spend their dollars wisely this squad will be competitive for years to come. There are just too many quality pieces in place not to allow it to have success.

Bob Sturm’s Offseason Digest No. 5: Clarifying my position on my Cowboys running back of the future | Dallas Morning News

Sturm talks about why he likes Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon for Dallas, and offers a profile of Texas defensive tackle Malcolm Brown.

Summary: I think he is a tremendous talent who seems to really love the game and play hard regardless of the score (his work against BYU was impressive in the 4th Quarter, down 34-7).  It would be interesting to see if he could play along side someone like Crawford for the Cowboys, or if the team thinks they are too redundant.  Is he a 1-technique, and if so, does that lose his appeal if he is always locked down on double teams?  I think he is the type of guy that you better plan on taking with your pick, because guys like him don't last too long.  Rare traits, rare ability and one of the very best inside defenders in this draft.

2015 College Gridiron Showcase: Scouting the Top 10 Prospects At the Game - Optimum Scouting

It's not as well known as the other college all-star games that have already been played, but it does have some talented players attending. Here is one that might be of interest to Dallas:

Nick Perry, S, Alabama
Buried on the depth chart as an underclassman and knocked out of last season with a shoulder injury, Nick Perry is finally healthy and showcasing his NFL talent. Possesses a well-put together frame with the reactive athleticism to make plays in coverage and finish tackles in the open field. Shows no limitations in terms of playing free or strong safety. Processes information quickly for a player with minimal starting experience. Physically has the traits worth developing at the next level and could wind up being a better pro than college player.

2-Minute Drill: Giants' Superstar Beckham On His Catch, The Non-Catch, Romo & More | Dallas Cowboys

Nick Eatman sat down with Odell Beckham at the Pro Bowl to pick the brain of a guy who is going to be a pain in the rear for the Cowboys for years to come. He did have the proper attitude about one thing.

You tweeted after the Cowboys-Packers game that you thought Dez Bryant caught the ball. Still think that way?

Beckham: It's still a catch. A guy like Dez Bryant, a guy who has credibility in the league for making ridiculous catches, I thought it should've been a touchdown or at least a catch and he's down at the 1. But it definitely should've been (a catch). I'm not the refs and I don't make the rules. I just abide by them. If they say it's not a catch, it's obviously not a catch.

Pro Football Focus mines endless NFL data to find subtle advantages | The MMQB with Peter King

We often reference PFF around here, and it was mentioned above in the Mincey article. Here is a look at what the site does beyond just create controversy with their player grades. And, you may not know that the guy who started it all did so in England - because he is an Englishman.

Neil Hornsby isn't doing this solely as a labor of love, though that's precisely how his business, Pro Football Focus, began nine years ago in Luton, England, some 30 miles north of London. Living stateside since October, he now counts 13 NFL teams-40% of the league-as clients, including seven teams from this season's playoff field. He also oversees a staff of roughly 80 full- and part-time employees who watch countless hours of game footage from their home offices in California, Northern Ireland and seemingly everywhere in between.

There's a good chance you've heard of Pro Football Focus. Last summer, former NFL wideout Cris Collinsworth made a significant investment in the company, and he trusts the analysis so much that he uses its scouting information when commentating on NBC's Sunday Night Football. PFF's statistics are widely cited in NFL media reports about players, teams and trends, and Hornsby has appeared in several stories on The MMQB. But what the public sees on Pro Football Focus's website is just a tidal pool compared to the ocean of information that NFL teams are paying very good money (PFF won't disclose how much) to access.

NFL Now Says DeflateGate Was Probably Executed by Lone Wolf Ball Boy | Mediaite

We have not been covering this strange story much, but it does look like one thing is obvious: The NFL is once again covering itself in glory with how they handle another controversy.

According to Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, NFL sources have pinpointed a locker room attendant who was "allegedly took balls from officials locker room to another area on way to field". While they are unsure whether there was any wrongdoing on his part, "he is a strong person of interest."

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