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Tony Romo Leaves Critics With Little To Talk About Once Again

Tony Romo led the Dallas Cowboys comeback win against the Detroit Lions, and while doing so, silenced doubters once again.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine being Tony Romo on that final offensive drive. He had been thrown praise from all over the place after leading the Dallas Cowboys to an impressive 12-4 regular season. As impressive as the regular season had been, he was just eight minutes and 10 seconds away from losing in the opening round of the playoffs once again, and none of it would matter at all. The pressure was completely, 100% on the shoulders of Romo at this point. How did Romo respond? With one of the most impressive, and best drives of the entire season.

Sure, Romo and the Cowboys only had to go 59 yards in order to get this win, but it was the toughest, and most important 59 yards of the entire season, and possibly his career. Dallas burnt five minutes and 38 seconds off of the clock on this drive, and it included a key fourth and six conversion to Witten, as well as the impressive eight-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams with 2:32 left on the clock on third down.

Romo's game on Sunday evening wasn't the best of his career. It wasn't even close to the best of his career. With that said, it may have meant the most to this point, though. If the Cowboys had lost this game, every single one of the Romo-doubters and critics would have been going off about his inability to close out a game when it matters most. It's all about what you do in the postseason, and Romo knows this better than anyone.

While the MVP candidate found himself short-arming the ball to wide receivers at times, and often holding the ball for too long, he played smart football when it truly mattered most, and looked unfazed by the 14-0 hole that the Cowboys fell into. The doubters are silenced for the week, at least until the Cowboys head to Lambeau to take on the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

What makes this win even more impressive for Romo is the fact that there were plenty of times where Romo simply didn't get the time that he had gotten throughout the season. He was sacked six times, the most of the season, but Romo had complete and total faith in his line and blocking down the home stretch, when it was needed the most. After a tough game against an incredibly talented defense, the often-criticized Romo finished up going 19 for 31 passing with 293 yards and two touchdowns.

One playoff victory is unlikely to get the critics off of your back for good, but this season has been far more than just that. For Romo, his arm was relied upon often during the month that most considered to be his worst, December, as well as the key moments in Sunday's playoff win. If this season wasn't enough to prove that the Cowboys' quarterback is a winner and a true leader, then I'm not even sure if a Super Bowl would even completely quiet the doubters.

Congratulations to the Cowboys, all of the fans out there and all of us who get to be a part of this crazy ride that continues this coming Sunday afternoon. Most importantly, congratulations to Romo for creating a whole new meme for "Romo-ing".


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