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2014 BTB User Awards: Recognizing Significant Contributions To BTB

In what has become a little bit of a tradition here on Blogging The Boys, today we're going to review some BTB user stats from 2014. We look at who the most prolific BTB members were, both in terms of quantity and quality, and recognize them for last year's contributions. Is your name on one of the lists?

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For the the past few years, January has been a time when we take a look back at some of our key user stats here on Blogging The Boys in an effort to recognize those community members who have made significant contributions to making BTB what it is today: often copied, never equaled.

BTB is more than just the sum of the front page writers, much more. While many of us may have stumbled on BTB via an article on the front page, we kept coming back and eventually signed up because of the quality of our community here. Different people contribute in different ways to the community. Many add comments, often on an almost daily basis. Some of you add Fanshots or even FanPosts. And each day, each of us adds a little more to the community. So this is where we say thank YOU, you the reader, you the commenter, you the contributor.

Which is why today we'll honor the most prolific BTB members, both in terms of quantity and quality, and recognize these fine folks in a variety of categories ranging from Most Fan Posts to Most Fan Shots to Most Comments.

Most FanPosts

The table below lists the 16 top contributors in the FanPost section. The tables are sorted by number of FanPosts in 2014, by the number of recommendations (rec's) received and by the number of comments generated by the FanPost and the ensuing discussion.

2014 No. Of Fanposts
VAfan 37
Dr-P 27
SeekingNumberSix 25
diehardblues 22
BWaj22 21
hookerhome 21
Zmen 18
Jessy S 16
Crunchberry 14
Taimon Turner 12
viciousphilpy 11
cleanpants 10
The Trenches 10
ScarletO 10
DraftCowboys 10
John 9 Williams 10
2014 Recommendations Received
FanPosts Rec's
VAfan 37 193
#ThrowUpTheX 4 173
BWaj22 21 166
hookerhome 21 152
SeekingNumberSix 25 116
Crunchberry 14 116
cleanpants 10 106
Dr-P 27 95
Yellowbeard 6 78
ScarletO 10 75
MeatPopsicle 7 75
watsoncb 8 73
rhodri2112 8 57
Archie Barberio 3 56
Densa 3 47
The Real Dirk Gently 5 46
2014 Comments Received
FanPosts Cmnts
VAfan 37 1,115
BWaj22 21 863
hookerhome 21 712
Dr-P 27 674
SeekingNumberSix 25 426
Densa 3 367
Crunchberry 14 357
ScarletO 10 316
The Trenches 10 257
diehardblues 22 255
watsoncb 8 251
Jessy S 16 238
Yellowbeard 6 230
The Real Dirk Gently 5 222
viciousphilpy 11 219
Kegbearer 3 215

You may have come to take the FanPosts for granted here on BTB, but don't do that. Writing a FanPost - and a well-received one at that - is a lot of work, so if you see one you like, give it a rec'. And don't be stingy with those rec's. They are the most gratifying thing for most authors because they show a special appreciation for the work the author has put into his/her FanPost. And after a while, they become addictive, so if you want to see more from a given FanPoster, rec' him or her and watch how they come back again and again for those rec's.

We wouldn't be BTB if we only looked at volume metrics, so next look at a couple of efficiency metrics and rank contributors by RpFPs (Recommendations per FanPost) and CpFPs (Comments per FanPost). Here's a look at the BTB top dogs in terms of recommendations and comments per post (min. four posts to qualify). You'll find most of the perennial BTB favorites on one of these lists.

2014 Rec's per FanPost
FanPosts RpFPs
#ThrowUpTheX 4 43.3
Yellowbeard 6 13.0
AlfredPennyworth 4 10.8
MeatPopsicle 7 10.7
cleanpants 10 10.6
The Real Dirk Gently 5 9.2
watsoncb 8 9.1
Crunchberry 14 8.3
BWaj22 21 7.9
ScarletO 10 7.5
hookerhome 21 7.2
CaliFanInTx 6 7.2
rhodri2112 8 7.1
FindamonsterforDline 7 5.3
VAfan 37 5.2
Ball_Coach 5 5.0
2014 Comments per FanPost
FanPosts CpFPs
The Real Dirk Gently 5 44.4
#ThrowUpTheX 4 42.0
BWaj22 21 41.1
Ball_Coach 5 38.4
Yellowbeard 6 38.3
hookerhome 21 33.9
jayrosser27 4 33.0
ScarletO 10 31.6
watsoncb 8 31.4
Fsanchezf1983 4 31.0
Rathos 5 30.6
VAfan 37 30.1
CaliFanInTx 6 29.2
craigel 5 26.8
The Trenches 10 25.7
Crunchberry 14 25.5

We have quite a distinguished group here! And the beautiful thing is that each one of these folks brings something unique to the community. #ThrowUpTheX took it upon herself to put together a few Trolling The Nation posts for those games where that frontpage slacker didn't show up for work. Hookerhome was a great reference point for the Pick 256 challenge, and also offered his own 'I did the math' series. The Real Dirk Gently was surprisingly ungentle as he attacked various memes. Yellowbeard, true to form, focused more on the humorous side of being a fan. VAfan kept us entertained with a steady stream of quality posts. Dr-P brought

  • his own
  • special brand
  • of writing

to the FanPost section. ScarletO kept his dedicated fans waiting way too long between posts. BWaj22 found a nice mix of road trip stories and football commentary. The Trenches only wrote 10 draft- and free agency themed FanPosts but has 40 unfinished posts still lying around in the system. Crunchberry also contributed heavily in the lead-up to the draft. I can't possibly do everybody justice here, so I'll stop now and leave it up to you recognize all your fellow bloggers who've contributed to making Blogging The Boys a vibrant and dynamic community.

Most Fanshots

The Fanshots have moved down the front page a little and are therefore not getting as much attention as they did with the previous design, but as we've gotten used to the new format and as the issues with the Fanshot section have been fixed, they've become a stable part of many people's BTB-experience.

Tip of the hat to all of you who posted Fanshots, the top 16 are below.

2014 No. Of Fanshots
Rena 166
Dr-P 96
Jessy S 91
BillyMcCool 39
Fernie67 34
barrypopik 32
BoyfromOz 24
KD Drummond 23
lonewolfz28 18
entito veritas 16
starmesh23 12
Jamie Plunkett 12
Nova84 10
DC Film Room 10
NCHeelsBoysFan 9
scottmaui 9
2014 Fanshot Comments
Fanshots Comments
Rena 166 249
Dr-P 96 154
Jessy S 91 78
Fernie67 34 58
KD Drummond 23 49
barrypopik 32 42
BillyMcCool 39 37
Jamie Plunkett 12 34
entito veritas 16 32
NCHeelsBoysFan 9 22
starmesh23 12 22
rabblerousr 1 20
Nova84 10 19
skinny post 2 19
ginge159 8 19
lonewolfz28 18 19

Just like with the FanPosts, we can only put so many names up here into these tables. But know that your contributions are appreciated, even if your name doesn't show up on any of these lists. In total, 146 different BTB members submitted at least one Fanshot, 268 contributed at least one FanPost.

Most Comments

If you've been a part of the comments section here on BTB for any period of time last year, it's almost impossible that you didn't run across one of the fine folks below.

2014 Most Comments
pfloyd1 10,972
Ride Together, Die Together 10,229
Rena 9,676
Dr-P 9,645
BWaj22 8,419
Densa 7,379
FuzzyLogic1 7,059
CowboyOcelot 6,931
NYHorn 6,062
Fernie67 5,886

In 2014, BTB published 2,346 frontpage stories, 816 Fanposts, and 860 Fanshots. On average, pfloyd1 left 2.7 comments under every one of them.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to the data beyond the top 10 most frequent commenters, and can't pull it from our board quite as easily as I can the FanPost and Fanshot data. But I do have access to the top ten across the entire SB Nation network, and pfloyd1's numbers pale in comparison to some of the heavyweight commenters in the network.

The most comments in 2014 were put up by a fan of college football, who found a way to leave 58,296 comments on his favorite college football blog.

Finally, if your name's not on any of the lists above, but you want to see your name up in the bright BTB lights next year, then simply post more stuff, more often!

Until then, thank you all for your great contributions.

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