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2015 BTB Playoff Pick 'Em Results: Good Thing You Picked The Cowboys

We review the results of our Pick 'Em contest from the Wilcard Weekend and wonder who to pick for the Divisional Round.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we kicked off our own Playoff Pick 'Em challenge here on BTB, and 275 of you joined the fun. Like we did during our regular season Pick 256 Challenge, we aked you to pick the straight up winners for the four games last weekend. And to spice things up, we used a Confidence Points scoring system where you had to give each game you picked a specific point value based on how strongly you felt about the accuracy of your selection.

If picked the four winners, your confidence points ultimately didn't matter, because all four home teams won their playoff games, and you scored the maximum possible 40 points on Wildcard Weekend. 24 BTB members did just that.

If you picked all four losers for the win, you'll obviously find that you didn't get any points, as BTB member Jeff Landrith found out the hard way. Everybody else was somewhere in between:

Points Participants in alphapetical order
40 aaa61aaa, alfred, Americasteam7, angie'sdad, ArgentinaJr, coolmajaka, cowboysfromhell, Dallasfan4life, DayLate$$Short, Dboyz201124, enogueras, Farrah's Daddy, InkedKing, jamesvb, j-man, NorthStar99, Panorama, Rajohnnn, Realist Larry, revellyre, scotscowboyfan, The Loco Llama, Zak, Zubius
36 1Bullseye, adamjamessaul, Anthony Hunt, BigBad Joe, BigD_83, BishopWest, BlueMANfan, BUBBA KUHL, BuckyWaters, Cboyfan88, Chad Loveland, chappycav, cwby4lf, dallasdave, damnarab2, florida dodger, ginge159, hitman477s, ICanSeeJerryWorldFromHere, JDobermans, Jessy S, JollyRancher, jtiddahr, kethry1313, LotharOTHP, Mikhaili, MUTTS, NCHeelsBoysFan, Nord15, PaddyO, Sean N, shooter09, skypuppy, Switters023, TheBoysRBack, thepainster, Wildhair, wittenfan
32 ansky23, AZ_Dave, Benthere, Burrito Electrico, canuckpaisa, carguy102, Cowboy Joe, CowboysFan_Nepal, DarthGrumpa, DCowboy, duffer33, duffke, Elavien, Hambrickwall, hookerhome, ibleedcowboyblue, iKelly, Jebediah Flibberbrush, JerrodWheeler, John Jr, juanners, k@s!, Lajitas Lava, LoboTX, maragath, Mdyson, meisternance, mfoster, Mike1845, Morgan460, prokopii, Robsa, since '66, Slade, socialmediaisforgirls, Specific, Splyle, tanner06, Terry, The Joker, The Sethnicity, Through Thick And Thin, tk1011971, Troy, tsylvest, wakemeupbeforeyouromo,, Zmen
28 4evercowboy, akcowboyfan, AnderJ86, anthony.j.avery, bandoozle, BaylorBrianL, BigDFanSince77,, blue & silver, boys.camncrew, BR47, camrin55, cap2vator, CDMac24, Chuck Sisco, cleanpants, cowboy1966, CowboysNation, cowtownNcowboysfan, CTCowboy, CTRealdeal, Daledoe, D-boys, DEL1SLE, dentltek, Edward colon, erik.furton, Frank Stanford, GalTex, Hav157, Jakuando, JayRosser27, jockmeister, kat31, ldoc60, Lrogue, Max2, mbraunginn, Mr. 6 Iron, Normrock, nreyesjr02, NutriaBoudin, Odd Good, OGTOMMYG, oldboysfan, Oztuck, Pagrebo, pnaveiras, PrimeTimePlaymaker, rayflo77, Rdbull1, RunNCowboys, San Antonio Al, Sir Robin, SoCalCowboysFan12, Spaceball, sportsfanatic21, starJohn, StarloverinWNC, Supherbyus, Tallgrass Prairie, tbar1, tdships, toke08, Trufus, TunaDitka, UTcowboy, Walter Martin,, WilliamC, Witten mittens, YumaCactus, yushay bohra
24 360dom, aat2326, Badboyz, BarrJNJ, Castaway42, ChuckCowboy, DalaiLuke, debateallas, Digg, doomsdayreturns, hogsbugzandphilthyfowlhater, illcowboy, JorgeAlbertoGarcia, ketom1220, Kingswole, klkmainiac, Krimsonrane, Luc in Chile, Lucki Duck, lurkersDontNeedAccounts, Mike Easter, MikLamb, Millard Fillmore, Nap, One.Cool.Customer, Paul Schork, qcisco, rbobharper, Rev.Trublue, Rohpuri,, Smax17177, Speedy1211, starmesh23, Swanhooch, Tennessee_Jed, True Blue-liever, upfrunt, Uriahchase, Vector_41, WeDemBois, Yellowbeard
20 banananas, braininahat, Briley Fuller, Canadian Cowboy_74, clearwall, cOUboy12, CowboyOcelot, Dc88, Densa, dWhisper, FrankyC07, gershwin, icebowl68, IloveCows, jfinch027, jimmy.marshall2, Johnny-Boy, JonnyDanger, Junkyard Dog, Katana, -Maverick-, milehightexan, nabuteya, Nova84, Oldeschool, pugbuddy, Sebastian, SHDad, Silverblue, tattooed cowboy, Trent Schoneweis, wildtigger2
16 Baked Potato Soup, BoyfromOz, cuban cowboy, dcfansinceiwasababy, freightgod, hedgeman77, OBWDC, Ride Together, Die Together, Sandmann, stubbynuggs, TRAVLR, yobwoc
12 just-the-facts, Shadowcat
8 matthewmatt, oaktree1992
4 dandeogden
0 Jeff Landrith

Before we proceed to the pick submission for next week, here's a reminder of how the Confidence Points system works. You assign a unique point value (see below) to each game based on how strongly you feel about the accuracy of your selection. If your selection is correct, you'll receive points equal to the confidence-point value you associated with that game.

- This week (4 games), the options will be 4, 8, 12, or 16 points.

- In Playoff Week 3 (2 games), the options will be 8 or 16 points.

- In Playoff Week 4 (Super Bowl), the only option will be 16 points.

This week, you will assign 16 points to the game you feel most strongly about, 12 points to the next game, 8 points to the next and 4 points to the game you feel least strongly about. You must assign those exact four values to the four games, nothing else. 41 partcipants did not get this aspect of the contest right in their picks last week, so I had to correct some of the entries.

Here's an example of what your picks could look like:

Game Straight up winner Confidence Points
Baltimore @ New England
Carolina @ Seattle
Dallas @ Green Bay
DAL 12
Indianapolis @ Denver
IND 16

Importantly, you have to assign a different Confidence Points number to each game and you cannot assign the same number to multiple games.

In the example above, if all four road teams were to emerge as winners, you'd get 12 points for the Dallas win and 4 points for the Baltimore win. You wouldn't lose points for incorrectly picking the other two games.

Divisional Round Picks

Click on the link below and you'll be taken directly to the Playoff Pick 'em entry form where you can select the teams you like for the win and assign your Confidence Points.

The link above should auto-fill your BTB user name into the entry form (in most cases). In some cases, the link hasn't worked properly, so here's an alternative link that works without the auto-fill - just remember to spell your username correctly.

Alternative Playoff Pick 'Em Entry Form

If you prefer not to use your BTB user name, or are not a BTB member, go ahead and enter a name of your choosing, but try to stick with that name throughout the playoffs.

And for anybody who wants to keep track of the picks, here are the picks for the weekend:

Pickem Tracker Div. Round

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