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BREAKING NEWS: Matt Cassel Reported To Be Cowboys Starter For Giants Game

That escalated quickly.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported by Ed Werder on Twitter that Matt Cassel has gotten the nod to replace Brandon Weeden as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the game against the New York Giants following the bye week for Dallas. The move was widely anticipated and desired among the fan base, but the speed with which the decision appears to have been made is a bit surprising, with most thinking it would not come down until next week.

Although this is the only report of this, Werder is pretty credible in his reporting.

The decision, if true, was probably made inevitable by the lack of success with Weeden taking snaps, leading to the first three-game losing streak under Jason Garrett. Bryan Broaddus had a concise but damning analysis of why this was coming earlier in the day.

I had a scout from another team that studies the Cowboys weekly tell me that Brandon Weeden will never be more than a really good 7-on-7 quarterback. When there is no rush and the pocket is comfortable, he is going to make throws all day. As much as I wanted to disagree with that thought, I couldn't. Weeden had his opportunities to make throws in this game, but he chose not to. When he needed to throw with anticipation - he didn't. When he needed to show some patience and allow the routes to develop - he didn't. Weeden didn't take advantage of the times where he had a clean pocket to take a shot on a quick out or comeback route. The film didn't show these receivers winning on many of their routes, but the ones where they did, he either didn't take a chance or was late with the throw or his accuracy was off. Even though the game had been decided - his throw to Terrance Williams on fourth down was inexcusable. Williams probably ran his best route of the year and for him not to be rewarded for it tells you all you need to know about the current quarterback situation.

We will keep you informed if this turns out to be incorrect, but if it is, we are soon going to find out if Cassel is part of the solution or just a false hope.

[UPDATE] Further reporting indicates that the decision is not final, but that the Dallas staff is leaning heavily in this direction.

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