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NFL Week 6 Fan Picks: With Cowboys Not Playing, Who Are You Rooting For On Sunday?

We take a look at the fan picks for the Week 6 games and wonder which teams to root for, given that the Cowboys are not playing this weekend.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports
Week 6 Picks, 244 participants
Game Favorite BTB vote
SD @ GB (-10.5) Green Bay 98%
WAS @ NYJ (-6.5) NY Jets 95%
NE (-9) @ IND New England 93%
ATL (-3) @ NO Atlanta 91%
DEN (-4) @ CLE Denver 89%
KC @ MIN (-3.5) Minnesota 88%
ARI (-3.5) @ PIT Arizona 87%
CIN (-3.5) @ BUF Cincinnati 79%
CAR @ SEA (-7) Seattle 73%
MIA @ TEN (-1) Tennessee 67%
CHI @ DET (-3) Detroit 64%
NYG @ PHI (-4.5) Philadelphia 62%
BAL (-2) @ SF Baltimore 59%
HOU @ JAC (-1) Houston 50%

Pick 256 Challenge is our a season-long contest in which BTB members and readers get to pick the straight-up winners for all games each week.

Week 6 got off with a bang when the Saints defeated the Falcons on Thursday. 91% of the Pick 256 participants had picked the Falcons for the win, the fourth-highest percentage of the week. Whether that upset win sets the tone for the other 13 games remains to be seen, but our panel could be in for some surprises.

The BTB panel is almost unanimous in picking the Jets over the Redskins, while almost two thirds are picking the Eagles over the Giants. That's it as far as the NFC East is concerned.

But who are you rooting for in the other games? With the Saints knocking off the previously unbeaten Falcons, maybe a precedent has been set. Would you like to see other unbeaten teams like the Panthers, Packers, Patriots, and Broncos brought back to Earth?

Or are there teams like the 49ers or Lions that you don't think could ever lose enough games?

Over to you: With the Cowboys unavailable to cheer for, and irrespective of who you picked to win, which teams will you be rooting for on Sunday?


Here's a link to the Excel file with all the picks for Week 6, for those who are interested in tracking the results themselves.

Pick 256 Tracker 2015 - Week 6

Once you open the file, you'll see a blue title bar into which you can enter the winning teams to see where you end up among all participants. The title bar is currently populated with the winner of the Thursday game, as well as the consensus picks for the remaining games. If you want to see how you fared during or after the weekend games, simply input your own picks into the title bar and see how many correct picks you have.

In any case, have fun with the file and good luck with your picks.


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