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Cowboys @ Giants: "The Giants Are Killing The Giants, And That Is The Big Problem"

Checking in with the enemy for this week's game.

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As we do each week before a game, we check in with the enemy blog to find out how the other side is doing. This week, it's Ed Valentine from Big Blue View. It's been many years now that I've been having these conversations with Ed about the Cowboys and Giants games. I appreciate his insights. Here we go.

Blogging The Boys: The Giants have been Jekyll and Hyde this year. Do you think they're the good Giants, the bad Giants, or somewhere in between?

Big Blue View: I wish I knew, to be honest. I guess the best choice would be to say somewhere in between. I think we have arrived at a point in the season that will tell us what the Giants are. They were 3-2 last year, got blown out by Philly and then fell off the cliff. They have followed the first two parts of that script this year. Now we find out if these are the same Giants or if this is -- as they claim to be -- a team with more grit, more heart, more resolve and a chance to make a run at the playoffs.

BTB: Is the offensive line the big problem?

BBV: It's not that simple. I wrote earlier this week that the Giants haven't really "lost" a game yet this year. I know that will upset some BTB readers, but it's the way I see it. The Giants have lost three games, and have pretty much done it to themselves each time. The Giants gift-wrapped games to the Cowboys and Falcons with late incredible mistakes late in games. Monday against Philly Eli threw an awful pick six, Philly got 14 points thanks to Giants penalties that sustained drives that should have been over and the Giants got zero points off four Philly turnovers. The Giants are killing the Giants, and that is the big problem.

BTB: Injuries are piling up, which ones are hurting the most heading into the game this Sunday?

BBV: Well, Victor Cruz, Will Beatty and Jason Pierre-Paul haven't played a snap. Also on defense, Prince Amukamara, Devon Kennard and Robert Ayers have been out. Ayers and Kennard should play Sunday, so that should give the defense a boost. Kennard is an incredible player, I'm just not sure the league has figured it out yet. The Giants have missed him the past two weeks.

BTB: I asked you about this before the first game, so let's get an update. Where does the JPP situation stand?

BBV: Dan Graziano of ESPN broke this down really well this week. There isn't much trust. JPP and his side don't seem to trust the Giants. The Giants don't seem to believe much JPP has to say. It really seems that JPP's primary interest, which I believe it has been since Day 1, is to squeeze as much money from the Giants as he can, no matter what the condition of his hand is. At this point I would be surprised if Pierre-Paul helps the Giants this year and I would not be shocked if he never played another down for the Giants.

BTB: What's your best take on how the game will play out on Sunday?

BBV: I honestly wish I knew. Many times in recent years I've expected the Giants to rise up, give an inspired effort and come away with a much-needed victory. I keep being disappointed, often watching a team pretty much mail it in and go through the motions. I want to believe this team will be different -- it certainly has felt different and I thought difficult wins in Buffalo and with a late drive against the 49ers showed a difference. But, I really don't know. Can the Giants play with emotion and resolve? Will Tom Coughlin just be flailing his arms and wondering what is going on? Will the Cowboys get a lift from Matt Cassel? We'll find out. I'd be lying if I said I had a real feel for what we might see on Sunday.

Thanks to Ed and Big Blue View for dropping some knowledge on us.

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