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NFL Week 7 Fan Picks: Upset Weekend In The Works?

We take a look at the fan picks for the Week 7 games and wonder which teams will score an upset win.

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Week 7 Picks, 281 participants
Game Favorite BTB vote
BAL @ ARI (-7.5) Arizona 99%
ATL (-5) @ TEN Atlanta 98%
DAL @ NYG (-3.5) Dallas 96%
PHI @ CAR (-3) Carolina 96%
OAK @ SD (-4) San Diego 95%
BUF (-4) @ JAC Buffalo 93%
CLE @ STL (-6.5) St. Louis 91%
NYJ @ NE (-8) New England 90%
NO @ IND (-4) Indy 89%
SEA (-6) @ SF Seattle 88%
TB @ WAS (-3.5) Washington 82%
HOU @ MIA (-4.5) Miami 82%
PIT (-2.5) @ KC Pittsburgh 74%
MIN (-2.5) @ DET Minnesota 68%

Pick 256 Challenge is our season-long contest in which BTB members and readers get to pick the straight-up winners for all games each week.

Last week, fan confidence was not very high for a Cowboys win, with the votes tallied for the Cowboys in our contest coming in at a season-low of 63%. That should bode well for the game against the Giants on Sunday, as 96% of our participants picked the Cowboys.

Overall, Week 7 looks like anther week in which our picks went the safe route and picked the favorites (the only exception are the Cowboys). But that doesn't necessarily make them safe picks.

Week 7 got off to a good start for our participants, as 88% of the Pick 256 participants picked the Seahawks for the win. Who'll come out ahead after Week 7 comes to a close on Monday Night is anybody's guess, but what we already know is that if the results for the weekend come in exactly as predicted in the table on the right, we'll have 41 participants with 14 correct picks. Except that's not going to happen, because there are bound to be some upsets along the way.

One upset has been predicted for Sunday's game in New York, where else could you see an upset happening?


Here's a link to the Excel file with all the picks for Week 6, for those who are interested in tracking the results themselves.

Pick 256 Tracker 2015 - Week 7

Once you open the file, you'll see a blue title bar into which you can enter the winning teams to see where you end up among all participants. The title bar is currently populated with the winner of the Thursday game, as well as the consensus picks for the remaining games. If you want to see how you fared during or after the weekend games, simply input your own picks into the title bar and see how many correct picks you have.

In any case, have fun with the file and good luck with your picks.

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