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Cowboys Doomed By Own Mistakes, Bumble Their Way To A 2-4 Record

It was some very ugly football by the Dallas Cowboys, costing them a key game that they could have won.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys played the role of the Keystone Cops on Sunday, blowing a winnable game 27-20 to the New York Giants. The Cowboys did everything they could to hand the Giants a football game, and the Giants finally obliged and took it. In a case of be careful what you ask for, the Cowboys fanbase asked for Matt Cassel (this writer included), in turn Cassel threw three interceptions, one of them a pick-six. He was definitely willing to take more chances than Brandon Weeden, but those chances proved to be a mixed bag.

Cassel was hardly alone in the debacle from Dallas, the special teams gave up a back-breaking return for touchdown on a kickoff in the fourth quarter. Former Cowboy Dwayne Harris gets to stick the knife into his former team. Then, Cole Beasley muffed a punt that would have been the Cowboys opportunity for a last drive to tie the game.

The sad part? The Cowboys running game was outstanding and the defense only gave up 13 points. Outside of the turnovers and the bad special teams play, the Cowboys were thoroughly outplaying the Giants. Somehow they managed to stay in the game until the end even with all of the mistakes. In almost every conceivable stat Dallas dominated. They had more yards, more time of possession, more third-down conversions, the list goes on and on. The Cowboys just put up 233 rushing yards and lost the football game. I don't think any sentence can say more about how badly the Cowboys botched this game than the previous sentence.

The brutal truth is the Cowboys season is getting perilously close to over. As we said just after the Patriots game, if the Cowboys don't come away with a couple of wins during he Giants, Seahawks, Eagles stretch, they will be pretty much eliminated. They've blown one, the margin for error is razor thin.

For all the doom and gloom, we, as Cowboys fans, can hold out hope on two accounts. One, maybe the rest of the division will continue to tread water and allow Dallas a chance. And two, maybe Matt Cassel has seen his worst day as a Cowboy. With the way the offense ran the ball, and the way the defense played, if Cassel can be steady and efficient, Dallas could rise from the dead and make a go of the season after all.

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