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Cowboys Greg Hardy In The Spotlight After Emotional Sideline Incidents In Giants Loss

Greg Hardy was in some faces on the sideline.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Once it was Dez Bryant who received all the attention for having what many observers viewed as overly-emotional sideline outbursts. Now, it seems Greg Hardy has taken over that role and coincidentally he was involved with some jawing with Bryant. Is it an issue, or much ado about nothing?

Hardy and Bryant had a little flare up when Bryant met the defense coming off the field and was trying to fire them up. It appeared that Hardy wasn't in the mood for that and the player's jawed back and forth a bit.

Hardy Dez

Hardy was also caught by cameras on the sideline blowing up a little at the special teams and coach Rich Bisaccia after the Giants returned the kickoff for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

After the game, Hardy gave a string of "no comments" to the reporters in the Cowboys locker room. While the incidents looked bad on T.V. you're never sure what was going on without the audio. We all learned that from someof the Dez Bryant stuff.

Jason Garrett didn't seem to have an issue with it. At least not in public.

The Cowboys defended Hardy, as these quotes show from the mothership show.

"He wanted to get in there and kind of get after some of the guys a little bit, maybe get them fired up. It was just not the right time," said special teams coordinator Rich Bissacia. "It's really not an issue. I just had to communicate what we were going to do next on the return."

"Those guys walk the walk and talk the talk," he said. "So when those guys get in there and give it back and forth, everybody in there knows that it's real and they're very much doing that for their own benefit."

"It was just him firing us up - that's all it was. He's an emotional guy, and we need that intensity - offense, defense, special teams, whatever that may be," said Devin Street. "Him being the vet that he was, he just came over and just gave some words of encouragement and guys were just going back at him."

Added Danny McCray: "We needed to make a play, and we understand it. That was kind of our fault to give up that lead, and he was just showing us the passion to show that we need to fix it."

So BTB, what's your take? Is Hardy going over the line with his sideline antics, or is he what the Cowboys need to get their behinds pointed in the right direction?

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