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Seahawks @ Cowboys: Five Final Thoughts

Here are five final thoughts on the big game against the Seahawks.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It's just about game time and the exciting is killing me. This is a big game and a Cowboys win today can do wonders in giving fans a glimmer of optimism going forward. There are a lot of things on my mind, but here are some final thoughts heading into the game with the Seahawks.

The defense is legit

The Cowboys defensive line will have their way with the Seahawks offensive line. Russell Wilson is going to be on the run all game.  To avoid being sacked all day, Wilson will be getting the ball out quickly and it will result in a lot of off-target throws. The Seahawks punter will earn his money today and the Cowboys defense will look very impressive today.

With a lot of attention being devoted to stop Marshawn Lynch, Anthony Hitchens will see a lot more snaps. He's been quiet thus far this season, but today could be his day to remind fans that he's still on the team.

Dez is a difference maker

It's going to be so nice to have number 88 on the field again. And while he might not make an impact statistically, his presence will be felt. The Cowboys will be pounding the run all day, but the Seahawks will still have to be mindful of Bryant. But the biggest impact will be how he will take attention away from his receiving teammates.

The Seahawks give up the most yards to tight ends so this is an area they could exploit. Matt Cassel will be looking to be a little more careful today so he'll be utilizing the short passing game a lot more. Jason Witten and Cole Beasley will get themselves back in the mix, but look for Gavin Escobar to come up with a big play for Dallas.

Time to get a little Lucky on special teams

Cole Beasley should still draw some punt return action, but Lucky Whitehead could be in the mix as well. When the Seahawks punt from deep in their own territory, Beasley is a good choice to return the punts as he's got good shiftiness to get run the ball across midfield. Despite his muff last Sunday, Beasley still has great hands. When the kicks are being caught deeper down the field, Lucky Whitehead could get the nod. In a game where field position is going to be crucial, a good run in the return game will be very helpful.

The offensive line is back

As great as Darren McFadden looked last week, today's game will help support that the offensive line is the defining factor. Christine Michael will get some chances and he should finally show fans what they've been waiting for it. Michael supporters - get your "I toldja-so's" ready.

While the running backs will get all the glory, the guys in the trenches will be getting it done. La'el Collins will solidify his place on the line and James Hanna will continue to quietl

The Cowboys will roll the Seahawks

What? Seattle is nearly a touchdown favorite and the Cowboys are relying on their number three quarterback who is coming off a three interception game. And now, Cassel will have to face the "Legion of Boom." Surely, I can't be serious. Well, I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

The Cowboys can put their stamp on this game by winning the battle of the trenches. This team has been built on physical play, and the team has some physical pieces in play to play good football. The defense will set the tone with dominate play and the offense will patiently grind out the points.

Cowboys win, 27-13.

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