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Cowboys Playing Without Their Heart And Soul

The Dallas Cowboys dropped their fifth straight game, is there anything the team can do to right the ship?

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If the injury to Tony Romo has shown us anything, it is that he is the heart and soul of the Dallas Cowboys. Romo has his haters among the fanbase; so did Aikman and Staubach. Heck, Don Meredith was often the most hated man in Dallas anytime the Cowboys failed to win. It comes with the job. Few athletes in any sport are under as much scrutiny as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboy. Under the right leadership the collection of players on Jason Garrett's roster can be a dominating force. We saw that lest year.

Would the New York Yankees have been as successful over the years if they had not had men names Ruth, Dimaggio, and Mantle leading the way? Would Patton's Third Army experienced the success they did without Old Blood and Guts himself at the helm? Would America have won her independence without George Washington? (Texans you know I wanted to substitute in Texas and Sam Houston, but I am reaching a broader audience.) The answer is probably not.

Each of those men, in their own way, was a leader. They were men among men. The same holds true for Antonio Ramiro Romo. Just the same as the Yankees expected to win behind their fabled leaders, we expect the Cowboys to win under the guidance of Romo.

It was once said by some legendary Dallas players that they never lost a game under Roger Staubach, but they did sometimes run out of time. The team had that kind of faith when #12 was under center. The current edition of the Cowboys have similar feelings about Romo. They believe in him, and so do a large number of the fans. I take you back no further than week one of this season. I would bet my next paycheck that every fan reading this was on the edge of their seat in anticipation of Romo pulling something off. Sure there have been games where he ran out of time, but you always know that if anyone can work magic, it is Tony.

The Dallas Cowboys do not have that right now. Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel are not Tony Romo. Neither of those guys have earned the kind of faith from the players that Romo has. That is to be expected. Between them there are only six starts in a Cowboys uniform. Until or unless one of the two pulls something out of his hat, there will not be that kind of faith. Neither has proven that he can stand up and be the man. Neither is looked upon as the heart and soul of the team. That is one key reason why each is a backup in this league.

In the National Football League, confidence in a quarterback is a very touchy thing.You either have it or you don't. You can either earn it or lose it depending on how you perform. Romo has it, he has had it for several years, even when he was forced to press so hard that he made mistakes. That is what the Dallas offense is lacking. There is one man on the offense whom the players would charge into the gates of hell for and that man is Tony Romo. The current situation at quarterback has shown just how precious that commodity is to a team. Right now, the Cowboys don't have that and the they have the results to show for the lack of it.

The next time you hear the oft-told memes about #9 take it with a grain of salt. We know from experience what his presence in the huddle means to the Dallas offense. He is the heart and soul of the current Dallas Cowboys, and when that is missing the whole team is off kilter. Tell me again how Tony is the problem in Dallas.

Love him or hate him, I bet you are looking forward to his return.

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