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Dez Bryant Clashes With The Media, Tense Moments In The Locker Room

It's getting testy in Big D

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys produced another story-line for the media today. In the locker room, Dez Bryant clashed with longtime Cowboys reporter Jean-Jacques Taylor, and then another reporter, Robert Klemko, tweeted about it leading to Dez going off again. Apparently Dez was initially upset about a column Taylor wrote after the Seattle game stating the Cowboys needed more than two catches for 12 yards from its star receiver. Coming off a broken foot and facing Richard Sherman, I think there's definitely reasonable cause for Bryant's lack of production in that game. Let's also not forget about who the Cowboys are using at quarterback.

There were also accusations that JJT tossed a racial slur at Bryant, something Devin Street said he heard. But everyone else involved says they didn't hear it. If it happened then Bryant is certainly entitled to be very upset. Even without that, I think it's understandable that Dez was upset about the column, although why he would let JJT get under his skin is beyond me. We all know JJT tends to stir the pot whenever he can. That's what he gets paid to do from his former employers and from ESPN.

Less understandable is why Bryant keeps letting the media get their way. The more he explodes, the more tirades and the more rants, the more they love it even though they pretend to be appalled. I know it's frustrating for Dez, but at some point he needs to let it go. He's not the first player to be criticized, fairly or not, he won't be the last. Fighting against the media is almost always a losing situation. Better to learn to co-exist.

This incident is just another nugget for a personality-driven media to obsess over. Heck, even I'm writing about it, so maybe I've been co-opted, too. You can read through all the ins-and-outs here.

We all know what really is underneath today's events - the Cowboys six-game losing streak. You can bet things like this wouldn't be happening if the Cowboys were winning. I can't think of a team that needs a win more than this bunch on Sunday. Winning is the best deodorant, and thing have been pretty stinky around Valley Ranch lately.

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