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Cowboys Release Brandon Weeden, Add Tony Romo To Active Roster

Tony Romo is officially back.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys had some minor housekeeping to do today. They needed to add Tony Romo to the active roster, and they had room since the team had released Keith Smart already this week, but they also decided they had too many quarterbacks on the roster. So the addition of Romo led to the release of Brandon Weeden.

Weeden filled in for Romo for three games before Matt Cassel was ready. Suffice it to say that experiment didn't go so well. The Cowboys went 0-3 under Weeden, who was criticized for being too conservative with the football. Of course, a lot of that direction might have come from the coaching staff trying to avoid turnovers. Whatever the case, the Cowboys were never able to find the magic to release Weeden's potential - if there was any. It's definitely a worthy debate whether the Cowboys were overly-optimistic in their evaluations of Weeden, something that has helped lead to the disaster that has been the 2015 campaign.

The Cowboys will rely on Matt Cassel as the backup for the rest of the season, but all hopes rest on Tony Romo remaining healthy for the rest of the year. If the Cowboys have to go back to Cassel at any point, they probably stay in the running for a top five draft pick.

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