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NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Can Tony Romo Stop The Slide?

The Cowboys are sinking fast.

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[Edit Note] The great OCC is out today, so here is an abbreviated version of the Week 11 Power Rankings.

2-7. Who would have thought it would ever come to this. The Cowboys lost again last weekend bringing their losing streak to an extremely ugly seven games. But could this be the week things finally turn around for the 'Boys?

The return of Tony Romo at least begs the question of how bad are the Cowboys, truly? Has it been a cascading effect from Romo's absence, plus Dez Bryant's stay on the injured list, trickling down and causing a loss of confidence for the whole team? Or are the parts of this team really just that bad? We start to get an answer to that questions this week when the Cowboys take on the Miami Dolphins.

While waiting for that game, let's see what everyone else thinks about the Cowboys.

Here's a look at the Dallas Cowboys power rankings heading into Week 11 of the 2015 NFL season.

Opinion-based rankings

Shutdown Corner - No. 22 (21)

Needs to be repeated: If you could replay the Falcons game, in which the Cowboys led by 14 points two different times, Dallas had a chance to win in six of the seven games Tony Romo missed. And the Cowboys found a way to blow every single one. - No. 26 (22)

Dez Bryant made headlines for yelling at reporters in the locker room last week. Bryant was seen yelling on the sidelines in typical Dez fashion on Sunday, with Matt Cassel feeling the need to walk over to calm him. Not passing judgment here, but if you are going to yell at everyone else, don't you kind of have to catch a ball right in your hands on third-and-1 to keep the ball out of the Bucs' hands with four minutes remaining?

ESPN - No. 27 (23)

Tony Romo could be making his return this week, and despite being 2-7, the Cowboys are only two games behind the NFC East leader in the loss column.

Newsday - No. 27 (28)

It's Tony Romo to the rescue. The only question now is whether he's back in time. Fortunately for the Cowboys, there may still be time considering the sorry state of the NFC East.

Foxsports - No. 29 (26)

Tony Romo is ready to return for Week 11. It looks like the Cowboys will also get a boost on defense with the return of Sean Lee at linebacker.

Bleacher Report - No. 29 (26)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will triumphantly return in Week 11, and he'll be greeted with the ashes of what was once a promising season. The Cowboys have now dropped seven straight games. They haven't won without Romo, though Sunday the cackling football powers above had their hand in Dallas' continued train derailment. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston lost control of the ball as he attempted to leap over the goal line. The Cowboys recovered, but the fumble was erased by a defensive holding penalty. Then Winston scored the game's only touchdown when he pretty much walked in on a play-action bootleg. At least the Cowboys found a new and unique way to lose this time. That's something, right? - No. 31 (27).

When Greg Hardy is one of your leaders, you deserve every bit of this.

USA Today - No. 28 (27)

Just a word to the wise, Tony Romo, the Dolphins have KO'd two quarterbacks since Dan Campbell's promotion.

Washington Post - No. 27 (29)

QB Tony Romo returns from the broken left clavicle that he suffered in Week 2. But it’s probably too late. The Cowboys went 0-7 without him. The question is: If they don’t pick up ground in the division race in the next few weeks, would the prudent move for the Cowboys be to shut down Romo for the season and attempt to ensure his good health for the start of next season?

Stat-based rankings

Oddsshark: No. 19 (10). Oddsshark use a multitude of stats to establish an offensive and defensive power ranking, which they then adjust for the strength of schedule.

FiveThirtyEight - No. 19 (19). Elo ratings are a simple system that estimates each team’s skill level using only the final scores and locations of each game.

Sagarin Ratings: No. 24 (20). These are rankings based on W/L record, points differential and schedule strength.

Coldhardfootballfacts - No. 26 (22). This indicator ranks teams based on their average ranking across a range of CHFF's Quality Stats.

Massey-Peabody - No. 22 (22). These guys generate their predictions by working up from play-by-play data to calculate a performance figure for rushing, passing, scoring and play success.

Numberfire - No. 26 (24) These rankings are based on expected point differential against a league average team. If the team's rating is 10, they would be expected to win by 10 points against a league-average opponent. No. 28 (26). BeatGraphs provide rankings that cannot be defeated by a chain of A beat B beat C scenarios. In the end, when all ambiguity is removed, if A has beaten B, A will be ranked above B. - No. 30 (28). This site measures the relative strength of all teams using team performance, home/away status, margin of victory and other factors.

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