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Cowboys News And Notes: Can Romo Lead The Boys To Seven Straight?

All the news that's fit to link two days before the Cowboys end their losing streak.

No more of this.
No more of this.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Laufenberg: Can Romo Lead Cowboys To Seven Straight Wins? Let's Put This In Context - Babe Laufenberg,

Babe gives us a rundown that lets us know just how significant of a mark it would be for the Cowboys to win out. Impossible, no; unlikely, yes. He also dishes a little on what he expects Romo's return to mean for the other guys on the Cowboys roster as well.

Sturm: This Cowboys Receiver Will Benefit Most From Tony Romo's Return - Bob Sturm,

While Laufenburg speculates a little on what Tony Romo will mean to Witten and Bryant's production, Sturm delves deeper into which Dallas WR will actually benefit the most from the return of #9. Not as good as a full column from Sturm, but the Q&A format does give an opportunity for him to address various topics.

Stephen Jones: 'Amazing' How Byron Jones Has Stepped Up, Played At High Level - Jon Machota, Dallas Morning News

More and more, Byron Jones is looking like another first round draft success story for the Dallas Cowboys. Remove Morris Claiborne from the equation and the team is experiencing a long string of success in the opening round. The front office well pleased, as they should be, with what the UConn product has brought to the Dallas defense.

"Byron Jones is having a heck of a year. It's unbelievable what he's able to take in, moving from free safety to nickel to nickel safety to nickel corner to now the starting outside corner, it's amazing for a rookie to step up and play at the level he's at." - Stephen Jones

Close To 2 Milestones, Witten Focused On Trying To End Team's Losing Streak - Rob Phillips,

"It's not the catches that you have - it's the ones you don't that keep you motivated and want to go back and learn. That process, that journey to get to this point is what I feel like has been my biggest strength - it never stops; it's a show-me game. And you have to be able to kind of approach it that way." - Jason Witten

It is Jason Witten, and why we love him wrapped up neatly into one package.

Witten Serves As Undisputed Leader In Cowboys' Locker Room - Drew Davison, Ft, Worth Star-Telegram

Because one dose of the Senator is not enough.

McFadden Confident Romo's Return Will Help Run Game - Scott Crisp,

I touched on the fact that Romo's return will help the ground game when I wrote this week's fantasy football forecast. The Cowboys feature back elaborates on the topic.

Cowboys' Travis Frederick, Zack Martin: Why We Don't See The Distractions Others Do -

Recently the Cowboys young interior linemen put a double team on Ben & Skin of KRLD-FM 105.3. The pair discussed the distractions around the team this season and what is is like being a part of Jason Garrett's locker room this season.

Cowboys Nike Color Rush Uniform -

A quick preview of what the Cowboys will be wearing on Thanksgiving, just in time for your holiday wish list.

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