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Cowboys @ Dolphins Expert Picks: Cowboys Will End Losing Streak!

A sampling of picks made for Sunday's Cowboys @ Dolphins suggests the Cowboys could finally end their losing streak.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Every week here on BTB we review a sampling of expert picks for the next Cowboys game. Over the last few weeks, that has provided for some tough reading, as the last time our tally of expert votes showed the Cowboys as favorites was in Week 4, when the then 2-1 Cowboys traveled to New Orleans. Drew Brees was questionable for the game, but he played and it took the on overtime win by the Saints to drop the Cowboys to 2-2.

This is the first week since then that the tally of all expert votes once again points in the Cowboys favor. The national writers assembled below are still a bit hesitant to endorse the Cowboys, with with only two of eight writers liking the Cowboys' chances in Miami, but the pick 'em panels we follow regularly come down heavily in favor of Dallas, 55-17.

If they are right, the Cowboys could finally end their losing streak.

Of course, none of this means anything for Sunday, but here's what some prominent pigskin pundits predict for the game anyway:

Name (Cowboys Accuracy)
Pick Score Comment
Sam Farmer, LA Times (7-2)
Mia_medium 27-20 Tony Romo is coming back, but don’t expect the same Cowboy who tore up teams last year. He’s ultra-vulnerable. Plus, Dallas is such a soap opera, the slightest adversity could trigger a meltdown.
Michael Smith, Pro Football Talk (7-2)
Dal_medium 21-20 The Cowboys are 2-0 with Tony Romo and 0-7 without him. Now that Romo is back, I think they’ll get back to their winning ways — though probably too late to make a run in the NFC East.
David Steele, Sporting News (7-2)
Mia_medium 26-23 Tony Romo is back after seven games gone, all losses, as all of America knows. Even his own teammates admit that he’s not the magic fix, though. The Cowboys struggle on defense at the wrong times, aren’t getting takeaways, and couldn’t compensate for the badly-depleted offense without Romo. The Dolphins found a way to win in Philadelphia last week; this is one they have to get to stay relevant in the playoff chase.
Elliot Harrison, (6-3)
Dal_medium 28-20 Last year was Tony Romo's best ever, as he led the NFL in passer rating. He'll be suiting up for Dallas for the first time since Week 2 -- and given the way the Cowboys' defense has been playing, they should be able to beat the Fins. The key for Miami will be keeping their quarterback clean. Ryan Tannehill was sacked four times in Philadelphia and is on pace for 48. That's too much.
Pete Prisco, CBS Sports (6-3)
Mia_medium 21-10 The Cowboys are playing a second straight game in Florida after losing to Tampa Bay last week. They got little going on offense, but Tony Romo is expected back here. Even so, I think Miami will find a way to slow down a rusty Romo and pull this one out.
Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk (5-4)
Mia_medium 30-23 Good news: Tony Romo is back. Bad news: The rest of the roster is still there. It may sound harsh, but they lost seven straight games. They’ll expect to win this one easily, and the Dolphins won’t cooperate
Greg Cote, Miami Herald (4-5)
Mia_medium 27-23 A 2-7 team on the road with an even betting line further indicates Joe Public is buying into the Romo-savior myth. It won’t happen, though. Dallas won’t make the playoffs. I doubt they’ll win Sunday, either. I see a pumped-up, sold-out crowd fomenting a palpable home-field advantage and inspiring a big, emotional effort from the Dolphins.

Read more here:
Peter Schrager, Foxsports (4-5)
Mia_medium 24-16 Tony Romo's back and whether he's 40, 50 or 100 percent, it's an upgrade from whatever else the Cowboys have been trotting out on the field the past few weeks. Miami head coach Dan Campbell grew up a diehard Cowboys fan and cherished his time in Big D. "I was a huge Cowboys fan," Campbell said this week. "It was when I played for the Giants, when I started, that was always a weird game for me to play the Cowboys." I think he gets the best of his "favorite" team on Sunday.

Different take from the pick 'em panels, who like the Cowboys by a wide margin.

Site Cowboys Dolphins Cowboys Season
Pick Accuracy
Bleacher Report 6 2 .740 (54-19)
CBSSports 5 3 .708 (51-21)
NFL Around The League 2 3 .696 (32-14)
SB Nation 6 1 .677 (42-20)
Foxsports 5 2 .662 (43-22) 7 0 .672 (43-21)
ESPN 9 4 .643 (72-40)
USA Today 6 1 .641 (41-23)
Dallas Morning News 9 1 .598 (55-37)
Total 55 17 .666 (433-217)

Is this the game the Cowboys finally end their losing streak?

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