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Cowboys News And Notes: Black Friday For The Dallas Cowboys

The traditional Thanksgiving Day match up in Dallas served a death knell to the Cowboys 2015 season.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Panthers 33 Cowboys 14: Defense Dominates In Dallas - Brian Beversluis, Cat Scratch Reader

Our SBNation sister site covering the Panthers effectively summed up the beatdown that their Panthers delivered to the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving. One line tells you all you need to know.

... the Panthers defense absolutely dominated, holding the Cowboys to just over 100 yards passing and less than 30 yards rushing in the first three quarters. By the end of the third quarter the Panthers were up 30-6 and the game was basically out of reach.

That Dallas Cowboys Playoff Miracle Will *Not* Be Happening - Chris Chase,

The headline tells you everything you need to know. Even the most devout of fans will have to admit that the team that took the field on Thursday has fallen far short of the high expectations with which they opened training camp. Reality has bitten the Cowboys in the butt.

The glee of the 2-0 start is so far gone it's hard to remember it even happened this season. The attempted rationality and hope during the seven-game, Tony Romo-less losing streak ("if we can just one win once, we'll be fine" — they didn't); all the math done figuring out scenarios; all the wins and losses pre-assigned to the three other teams in the NFC East, figuring out the easiest path to the division championship — it meant nothing.

Cowboys' Tony Romo Re-injures Shoulder, Says It Feels Same As Broken Clavicle -

That report from Romo tells us everything that we need to know about the injury that Romo suffered at the hands of the Carolina Panthers defense on Thursday. While the X-rays were inconclusive during the game, Romo will undergo further examination on Friday and it seems likely that he will soon return to the IR list for the rest of the season.

Tony Romo Will Get More Tests On Left Shoulder But Likely Done For Year - Will Brinson,

CBS gets in on the speculation with a brief post about the injury suffered by Romo and how similar it was to the initial fracture he suffered in Philadelphia.

5 Thoughts: Without Tony Romo, Cowboys Looking At A Top 5 Draft Pick - Jon Machota,

While it's usually too early to talk about the draft at this point, the Cowboys are in position to have a very high pick. Would you draft a QB to learn under Romo while he finishes out his career? Romo is signed through the 2019 season, so this might be a season too soon. Dallas' other needs: defensive back, running back, wide receiver and linebacker.

Interesting questions ahead. Speculation will now begin in earnest but, like every other year, we will know nothing until the actual draft begins. Each of the options Machota mentioned will get considerable play, but given Romo's age it will be likely that the QB position will get a lot of ink spilled.

Sturm: Cowboys' Season Is Over; Team Must Find Future Quarterback Plan - Bob Sturm, SportsDayDFW

Bob Sturm is one of our "go to" sources here at BTB, and with good reason. He knows what he is talking about and he tells you exactly what he thinks. While Machota points out the other needs that the team has that may be greater than the need at quarterback, Sturm takes the opposite position. He makes a solid case for his opinion in this article.

I think it's possible Tony Romo has a couple really great seasons left. After the last two years of multiple back and clavicle injuries, you would have to be a real optimist. Romo, at this age, with this many miles, and this many previous injuries, you would have to be an optimist that everything will be fine at the start of 2016.

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