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Can You Beat The Pro Pickers In Week 9? Pick 256 Challenge Results & Leaderboard

The eighth week of BTB's Pick 256 Challenge is in the books. We take a look at the winners and remind everybody to take part in the week nine challenge.

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Pick 256 is a season-long contest in which BTB members and readers get to pick the straight-up winners for all games each week. Overall, 221 BTB-members took part in the Pick 256 challenge last week, and each one of the participants tried to beat the pro pickers.

So how did that go? If you had simply picked the Vegas favorites straight up, you'd have gotten 10 games out of 14 right. Many of our participants (72%) were somewhat handicapped in that they picked the Cowboys to win over Seattle, regardless of the Vegas odds. But the panel didn't do too bad anyway. Four participants managed to beat the pro pickers by correctly predicting the winner of 12 games. 19 more participants managed to predict 10 games correctly, and 53 got 10 games right. That's a pretty good tally overall.

Do you think you can beat the Pro Pickers this week? Join our Pick 256 challenge below to find out.

Week 9 Picks

Click on the link below and you'll be taken directly to the Pick 256 entry form where you can select the Week 8 teams you like for the win.

The link above should auto-fill your BTB user name into the entry form (in most cases). In some cases, the link hasn't worked properly, so here's an alternative link that works without the auto-fill - just remember to spell your username correctly.

Alternative Pick 256 Entry Form

If you prefer not to use your BTB user name, or are not a BTB member, go ahead and enter a name of your choosing, but try to stick with that name throughout the season.

Week 8 Results

Top Finishers

You can find a full list of all results in a fanpost by BTB-member Hookerhome, so I'll just list the top finishers.

Week 8 Top Finishers
Correct Picks
12 Canadian Cowboy_74 dallasdave1966 Nova84 YumaCactus
11 bartman c.matson18 chappycav JayRosser27
lucke Millard Fillmore MUTTS oldboysfan
revellyre Ride Together, Die Together SicLaw sixrings09
Smax17177 snipeb41 Starheel42 Stevefromerrick
Terry thesirknight WilliamC

Here's what the top of our season leaderboard looks like, with the leaders gaining some separation:

Pick 256 Leaderboard
Correct Picks
85 1 revellyre
84 1
82 2
Normrock, Nova84
80 5 1Missouricowboysfan, jhcrouch3, Millard Fillmore, ptp39, Timmy G
79 3 1Bullseye, Aggie Man, timani
78 10 aaa61aaa, cwby4lf, I'm_people_too, MinasIthil92, PAPAGDAVIS69, Rdbull1, Ride Together, Die Together, Roun2It, Troy
77 13 Cowboys Win, cowtownNcowboysfan, Starheel42, Trent Schoneweis, Truebluedcfan
76 18 cap2vator, DarthGrumpa, EFtheGiants, HowleyAtTheMoon, JJ for President, j-man, mahenza, MUTTS, Realist Larry, RoSHa, snipeb41, Stevefromerrick, thesirknight, UTcowboy

The fine print

Submissions have to be in by kickoff time of the Thursday night game, which kicks off at 8:25 pm ET on Thursday. To keep a level playing field for everybody, late submissions will not be accepted (all entries are time-stamped). This gives you a good two days to submit your picks.

Every week, we'll publish a spreadsheet with all the picks here on BTB, usually on Saturday.

The entry form contains detailed instruction on how you can change your picks at a later point, read them carefully. You can of course come back at any time before kickoff on Thursday and submit new picks. When there are multiple picks by the same BTB member, our pick tracker will always default to the latest entry.

With all of the technical stuff out of the way, good luck with your picks.

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