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Does Anybody Want To Win The Crazy NFC East Division?

The 2015 NFL season has been an ongoing study in whatever can happen will happen, and no division is more symbolic of that than the NFC East.

As always the DCC are getting the job done this year.
As always the DCC are getting the job done this year.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC East has accounted for a total of 17 wins this season. That is a total that barely out paces the 12 Super Bowl titles that are attributed to the four franchises who make up what is the most dominant division of the Super Bowl era. How the mighty have fallen. The teams at the top of the division both sport a losing record, and a franchise floundering around with a 3-8 mark could hardly be counted out of contention except for the fact that it lost its starting quarterback for the second time this season.

It is true that the teams in the division had a hard schedule this season. There are some tough teams in the AFC East, including the New England Patriots. Heck, especially the Patriots. Love them or hate them, New England plays some gosh darned football year in and year out. That is no excuse. The other side of the coin is that the division also has the NFC South on their slates. The Carolina Panthers are good, but that division also features the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The schedule is a wash. You have to play the games on your schedule, and you have to win them to be the caliber of team that the Dallas Cowboys (and the rest of the division) aspire to be.

Nobody has done that in 2015. In recent seasons winning the division formerly referred to as "The BEast" would be possible with a 9-7 record. This year that mark would be considered lofty. It is not out of the question that the franchise that hoists the crown this season could come in at 7-9. That team would host an opening round playoff game against a team far superior to the division champions and would likely be a serious underdog. Heck, I can see a possible six win "champion" under certain circumstances.

Let's face it. The Dallas Cowboys are in a bad division. What was referred to as mediocre in the past has become downright dismal this season. In retrospect, the lead for this post could, perhaps should, be changed to Why does anybody want this division. The proud have been humbled, glory-past starts to fade as do the prospects of four franchises adrift in the same league that features teams like the Panthers and Patriots. Things are not good in the division, and the title 2015 NFC East Champions it not one that the winners should revel in. They will have become the best of the worst, a dubious honor to say the least.

With that being said, depending on how things play out next weekend, we could once again be boasting of our team's chances for a second straight trip to the playoffs. Funny, and sad, isn't it? A win over the Washington Redskins coupled with a Giants loss to the Jets and a Eagles loss to the Patriots and Dallas is right back in the thick of things.It is a strange would in the NFL this season. It is also the world we currently live in as fans.

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