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Cowboys News & Notes: Shaq As A Dallas Cowboys Cheereleader?

Yes, you read that right. Read on to see what the story is all about.

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Shaquille O'Neal Says He'll Dress Up As A Cheerleader If The Cowboys Don't Make The Playoffs - Alysha Tsuji,

"I guarantee we'll [the Cowboys] win one of the next two without Tony, and I'm guaranteeing we'll make the playoffs. If we don't make the playoffs, I'll come with a Dallas Cowgirls suit with pom poms in 10 seconds."

Talk about providing some motivation. Hey, the shock value alone was enough to get him as the lead in this morning's news summary. Now on to some talk about the team.

Dez Bryant Appears Ready To Do More This Week - Charean Williams, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Cowboys are continuing to play it close to the vest with Bryant, at least in practice, but Jason Garrett believes that #88 is now 100% after missing five contests due to injury. Look for the Cowboys to feature him more this Sunday when they host the Eagles on national TV.

“He’s just working his way back from an injury,” Garrett said. “He hasn’t practiced or played in games up until last week. When you’re dealing with a player who’s coming back from an injury, you work through it day by day. You watch him and see what he’s capable of doing. You see how he feels and you make your determination as to how you want him to proceed in that practice.”

Read more here:

Marinelli: Rookie Byron Jones "Amazing" In Playing So Many Defensive Roles - Rob Phillips,

The Cowboys defensive coordinator has not rushed things with his first round player. The team is bringing Jones along slowly and they have been impressed with all the things that the rookie defensive back has been able to do for the team. Jones has proven to be everything that it was hoped that he would be and more.

Unhappy With Tempo, Scott Linehan Sets Tone Early In Practice, Shouts A Few Expletives - Jon Machota. Dallas Morning News

Lest we forget that the team is in the middle of a five game skid, the Cowboys offensive coordinator is there to remind everyone that all is not pixie dust and unicorns at Valley Ranch. There is a sense of urgency at the Cowboys facilities these days and the coaching staff is not letting players forget how much is at stake. Something has got to give somewhere and the coaches are pushing players to make it happen now.

How "Dirty Runs" Helped McFadden Win Starting Job - Scott Crisp, NBCDFW

The last two weeks saw Darren McFadden step up and take charge of the running back situation in Dallas. With his history of injuries there may be a cause to question how long it will last, but for now Crisp takes a look at why McFadden was able to become the man in the Dallas backfield.

“I think we saw a lot of that in the Giants game,” Garrett said, per ESPN Dallas. “He made some big runs in the Giants game, but if you watch him at the end of those runs, the big runs he was finishing forward and then he made a number of dirty runs last week. A short-yardage run that was a big play for us where he pushed the pile and a number of other runs where it’s not always clean, but if you finish the run the right way and you make a 2-yard run into a 4-yard run and a 4-yard run into a 6-yard run and so on. He’s done a lot of that the last couple of weeks."

Remember it was those dirty yards that made Murray a success.

Issues Aside, Greg Hardy A Very Effective Player For Cowboys - Dave Zangaro,

A voice from inside the enemy camp speaks highly of what Greg Hardy can mean to a team. It is refreshing to read something that details what takes place on the gridiron and not another diatribe on why the Cowboys defensive end does not belong in football. Zangaro does a nice job in detailing what the Eagles offensive line is going to face on Sunday and leaving the rest behind.

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