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Eagles @ Cowboys National Expert Picks: Can The Cowboys Deliver On Offense?

A sampling of picks made for Sunday's Eagles @ Cowboys game suggests a lack of faith in the Cowboys' offense by the majority of pigskin pundits.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that the Cowboys are underdogs heading into the Sunday night game against the Eagles, and the oddsmakers have the Cowboys as 2.5-point underdogs in Dallas. Considering that the Cowboys are playing without an NFL-quality quarterback, the line is remarkably low. Then again, the Eagles are also playing without an NFL-quality QB, so maybe that evens things out a bit.

This week, the headlines in Dallas have been dominated by players who wil not be playing on Sunday, like Tony Romo and Joseph Randle, which has overshadowed a defensive resurgence that should give the Eagles all sorts of fits.

But can the Cowboys come through on offense?

Here's what some prominent pigskin pundits predict for the game:

Name (Cowboys Accuracy)
Pick Score Comment
Elliot Harrison, (6-1)
Dal_medium 17-14 Dallas finally gets a W sans Tony Romo. Why? Because the Cowboys' defense is balling. The Seahawks could barely get any offense going until the final drive last Sunday. Granted, Seattle's offense sucks. Consider that the same Giants attack that put up 40-plus points in New Orleans scored all of one offensive touchdown -- at home -- against Big D's D in Week 7. The return of Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain from suspension has bolstered the pass rush and the depth. Now, we should mention that this is the DeMarco Murray Revenge Game.
Sam Farmer, LA Times (5-2)
Phi_medium 27-24 The NFC East is terrible, and these teams are a grab bag in terms of week-to-week productivity. Although the Cowboys won Round 1, and have Greg Hardy, they have serious issues at quarterback
Pete Prisco, CBS Sports (5-2)


The Eagles are coming off a bye and need to get it going on offense. This is a big one for Sam Bradford. The Cowboys are getting little from their passing game. That’s a major concern here. The Eagles will finally show the offense we expected to see. DeMarco Murray has a good day against his former team.
Michael Smith, Pro Football Talk (5-2)
Phi_medium 17-6 If Tony Romo were playing, I’d pick the Cowboys. I might even pick the Cowboys if Brandon Weeden were playing, given that Weeden played pretty well against the Eagles after Romo went down in Philadelphia. But with Matt Cassel at the helm? The Eagles will take this one.
David Steele, Sporting News (5-2)
Phi_medium 20-18 This is a golden opportunity for the Eagles to exact revenge for the humiliation the Cowboys dished out in Philly in Week 2, and to kick the Cowboys when they’re down. Whether they’re capable of doing it is another question. Nobody can afford to smirk about Matt Cassel quarterbacking the Cowboys, as long as Sam Bradford is still spraying it around for the Eagles. A ‘Boys win would be as much a slap in the Eagles’ faces as a boost to the injured home team.
Greg Cote, Miami Herald (4-3)
Dal_medium 24-23 Game marks DeMarco Murray’s first trip back to face his ex-Boys, and I sure get the home-’dog point spread in this Sunday nighter. I mean, Dallas has lost four in a row at home,and Philly has won four of its past five trips to Jerry’s World. And yet the Upset Bird is circling, moving in for the kill. Dez Bryant will have an impact the way he didn’t in last week’s return, and Dallas sackers will bother Sam Bradford. Upset!

Read more here:
Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk (4-3)
Dal_medium 27-20 The Cowboys handled the Eagles in Week Two on their own field. Dallas hasn’t won since. With Dez Bryant a little healthier and the defense showing it knows how to slow down the Eagles, it’s time for the home team’s long-overdue Win No. 3.
Peter Schrager, Foxsports (3-4)
Dal_medium 20-17 Greg Hardy played his best game as a Cowboy on Sunday, the offensive line has created holes for Darren McFadden in back-to-back weeks, and there was very little from the Seahawks receivers on Sunday. If the Cowboys could have gotten a little more from their quarterback position versus Seattle, they'd still be only a game out of first place. I know this all sounds like a Pollyanna description of what might have been a painful watch for the viewer, but I can't count Dallas out of this. Five straight losses. 2-5 record, and a listless offense. This is the week, folks. The 'Boys find a way to stop the bleeding.

The table below summarizes a couple of other pick 'em panels, but their predictions don't get any better than what we saw above.

Site Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Season
Pick Accuracy
SB Nation 2 5 .714 (35-14)
NFL Around The League 2 3 .750 (27-9)
Bleacher Report 0 8 .702 (40-17)
CBSSports 0 8 .696 (39-17)
ESPN 4 5 .689 (62-28) 2 5 .653 (32-17)
Foxsports 2 5 .667 (34-17)
USA Today 2 5 .640 (32-18)
Dallas Morning News 5 5 .639 (46-26)
Total 19 49 .680 (347-163)

So there you have it, folks. Not a lot of people like the Cowboys for a win on Sunday.

Do you think the Cowboys can pull off the upset?

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