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Fantasy Football Week 14 Start & Sit: Tyrod Taylor, T.J. Yeldon & More

A run down of the best and worst match ups to help give you an edge this weekend.

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Tyrod Taylor - When Taylor was named as Buffalo's starter for this season I wondered what Rex Ryan was thinking. Now I know. Tyrod has been on fire in recent weeks and this week's contest looks like a perfect opportunity for him to extend the run. The Bills face the Philadelphia Eagles and a pass defense which has been the most generous in the league over the past month.

Andy Dalton - Dalton is one of those QBs that I am always wishy-washy about. You rarely know what you are going to get and that makes starting him risky. I would pass on drafting Andy for a season-long roster, but depending on the match up he is a solid choice in weekly leagues. This week the numbers add up for Dalton as he faces a Steelers defense that he should shred.

Jameis Winston - The New Orleans Saints have been a dream match for passers this season, and Winston is the next up to showcase his talents against the crew formerly led by Rob Ryan. Rob is gone but the dearth of defensive production remains. Look for Winston to put up a big day this weekend.


Philip Rivers - Perhaps only Rivers can relate to what it is like to be Tony Romo. They have taken similar career paths over the years and for Rivers this season has been like many others. The talent is there but the support staff is not. He is missing his most reliable options in the passing game and he is working behind a depleted offensive line. Rivers is good but he cannot do it by himself.

Matthew Stafford - It would be tempting to roll with Stafford. After all he has been on a hot streak as of late. Expect that streak to come to a halt though this weekend. The Rams play some tough defense against opposing passers. His chances will be much better next week as he faces the Saints.

Running Backs


Lamar Miller - I would like almost any back against the Giants run defense this season. It is Miller's turn to rip apart the New York front seven this week and that makes him a very good bet to start. If Miller puts on a performance like he did one week ago then he should deliver outstanding numbers against the G-men this Sunday.

Doug Martin - This is another one of those guys that I get excited about and then end up being left disappointed, but this weekend he has the Saints to look forward to. Just as Jameis Winston will be able to carve up the back end of the gold and black defense so too should Martin be able to decimate the front seven.

T. J Yeldon - Yeldon has the best closing stretch of any back in football. This week he faces the Colts followed by the Falcons and finally the Saints. If T. J is on your roster get ready for three weeks of production. You will want to start him for the rest of the year. If you play a weekly league, make sure you pick him up.


Latavius Murray - I told you to sit him last week and hopefully you did not listen. Murray had a big outing. Listen to me this week, the Raiders face the Broncos defense this week and they are the death knell for NFL running backs. The Broncos allow just over five points per game to opposing runners. Find a better choice this weekend, ok?

Eddie Lacy - I have no idea what is going on in Green Bay. Earlier this season I was saying to sit Lacy because he was not getting his share of touches then all of a sudden the Pack was putting the ball in his hands and he looked like the Eddie of years passed. Now there has been a curfew issue and it looks like Lacy is once again being held in check be his coaches rather than by opposing defenses.

Wide Receivers


Mike Evans - There is a lot of love going out for the Bucs this week and it all has to do with the match up against the New Orleans Saints. OK, Evans gets a little Aggie love too, but that is beside the point. This weekend is a good match up for a receiver that is finding his stride more and more as the season rolls along.

Alshon Jeffrey - Jeffrey is not having his best season this year, but a match up against Washington will make things look a little bit better. The Washington pass defense has been pretty generous all season long, and Jeffrey looks to be starting to come out of his slump. What is it they say about the point where preparation and opportunity meet?

Doug Baldwin - The Ravens secondary is terrible this season. The mighty have fallen so far from the days when Ed Reed patrolled the back side of the Baltimore defense that one thing I look at before starting this post is to see who has the good fortune to be facing the Ravens teach week. This week it is Baldwin's turn. That alone puts him into consideration to start.


Amari Cooper - I love this rookie's game. One day soon I expect him to be among the list of guys you must start no matter what, but a meeting with the Denver defense, at this point in his career, means pine time for Mr. Cooper. Denver shut Amari down a few weeks ago and I look for more of the same this time around. He might not be your guy this weekend, but you better be looking for him come your next draft. This kid is going to have his days in the near future.

DeSean Jackson - There is a bit of a surprise building in the Windy City. The back side of the Bears defense has been playing some very good football over the past month and there is no reason to expect that to come to an end. D-Jax is still a solid choice at WR but he is no longer playing at the level he once did.

Tight Ends


Delanie Walker - Over the last month, Walker has been the most consistent of all tight ends that do not go by the nickname Gronk. Anytime you can get a tight end who averages over ten points per game during a four week stretch you have to consider him a good prospect to start, and that is what Delanie has done. Throw in a match up against a Colts squad that has experienced trouble defensing the position and you have your guy to start this weekend.


Jason Witten - Put Tony Romo under center and Witten would be the tight end this week. With Matt Cassel back there you take away one of the best weapons the Cowboys have in this week's game. This is two weeks in a row the Witten has been sit 'em material, and it has nothing to do with #82.

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