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Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Lose To Packers, Remain In Race For Top Draft Pick

Latest Cowboys headlines: Cowboys lose at Lambeau; Dez still hasn't caught it; is it time to give Kellen Moore a shot?

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Not too many Cowboys fans were expecting to beat the Packers on Sunday, so essentially the Cowboys gave us exactly what we expected. It was a frustrating afternoon. Even Jason Garrett wasn't able to sustain his stone face in this rare display of emotion.

Cowboys Fall To Packers 28-7, Time To Turn Out The Lights - Tom Ryle, BTB
Our own Tom Ryle reads the eulogy for the passing of our good friend, the 2015 season. I'd keep a tissue close by because there's probably going to be some tears.

The offensive problems for the Cowboys in 2015 were, to a certain degree, encapsulated in the end of their first offensive drive. After Darren McFadden had the one explosive offensive play of the first half for Dallas, a pass to Jason Witten got them to the Green Bay 2 yard line. And then the same sad story we have seen over and over again this season played out.

Instant Review: Staff Writers Give Quick Analysis Of Cowboys-Packers - Staff, The Mothership
David Helman gives his quick impressions of the loss to the Packers.

David Helman: I thought the Packers would pull away in the end, but I thought it’d be because of Aaron Rodgers – not an absolutely dominant performance by the Green Bay ground game. Eddie Lacy and James Starks put on a dominant performance, helping the Packers rush for 230 total yards. As well as the Cowboys tackled in Washington last week, they were that bad against the Packer backs in the rain at Lambeau Field. Of course, the main reason the defense was in that position in the first place was another lousy outing from the Dallas offense. Matt Cassel completed 45 percent of his passes for 114 yards, and Dez Bryant added several drops – including one that led to a red zone interception. It squandered a solid rushing effort from Darren McFadden and Robert Turbin. The bottom line is that this game was the fifth time all season that the Cowboys failed to score more than one touchdown. That’s just not going to win you many games.

Time for Cowboys to bench Matt Cassel; if Dez Bryant isn't 100 percent, shut him down - Bob Sturm, SportsDay
Bob Sturm is waiving the white flag. And he gives his take on what should be one of the most popular questions of the week...

Is it time to bench Cassel for Kellen Moore?

I don't see any point in any more Matt Cassel. I realize the Cowboy way is to keep going with him, like they did with Jon Kitna until the final week of 2010 when they finally went to Stephen McGee. I don't see any reason why Kellen Moore shouldn't get the next couple starts. I'd start him against the Jets and play it by ear. If he exposes himself, you can always go back to Cassel. We are a 4-9 team, in the what-do-you-have-to-lose portion of the season.

Cowboys Matt Cassel looks washed up; Time for Kellen Moore - Steven Mullenax, The Landry Hat
The best part about this idea is that it means Matt Cassel isn't playing. So even with just that, it's already off to a good start.

At some point, you do have to find out what you have in back-up quarterback Kellen Moore. I believe that time  is now. The highly successful college quarterback out of Boise State hasn’t been given a single chance to prove what he’s capable of in nearly four years as a professional. If Moore shows you something this season, it gives the Cowboys more options moving forward. It simply makes sense. But the Cowboys didn’t get to 4-9 this year by making much sense.

McCarthy’s Play-Calling, Bryant’s Confidence Among Thoughts - Bryan Broaddus, The Mothership
If you were already sick of "Dez didn't catch it" jokes, I got some bad news for you - it's going to get worse this week. Bryant would repeatedly not catch the ball on Sunday so let the onslaught of memes begin. Broaddus discusses the Dez problem in his 12 thoughts segment.

I have never seen Dez Bryant fight the football like he did tonight. I am willing to give him a pass for the interception due to where Cassel put the ball, but the ball down the middle that was reviewed and the out on first down in space are receptions he makes in his sleep. He just didn't look like a confident player at all and that's troubling.

It's just better to embrace it. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!LIKE Dallas Cowboys and Their Fans are Morons

Posted by Dallas Cowboys and Their Fans are Morons on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Don’t Forget About These 5: Failure To Convert Short Runs, Dez Drop & More - Nick Eatman, The Mothership
It seemed like the Cowboys came up short on third down all night.

Turbin can’t convert either – After the Cowboys held Green Bay short of the end zone on fourth-and-goal, they got out 9 yards and had a third-and-1 to start the second quarter. Robert Turbin entered the game and was stopped for no gain, once again keeping the Cowboys from converting a third-and-1. The Cowboys had to punt and the Packers took over with good field position at the Cowboys’ 48, eventually scoring a touchdown on their next drive.

Darren McFadden, Robert Turbin only bright spots in Cowboys' loss - Todd Archer, ESPN
There were some positives in the game as the Cowboys running attack would average 8.6 yards a carry, so naturally with such limited success in the run game they'd rely on Cassel's arm on 60% of their offensive plays. The duo of McFadden and Turbin did a pretty good job.

Darren McFadden: He had his fourth 100-yard game of the season and indeed needed just nine carries to pick up his 111 yards. He had a 50-yard run on the Cowboys’ third play from scrimmage and added a 45-yard run in the third quarter on the Cowboys’ only scoring drive.

Robert Turbin: He carried seven times for 51 yards and scored the Cowboys’ only touchdown, a 7-yarder with 8:25 to play in the third quarter.

Of course, it helps having a nice rookie offensive lineman leading the way.

As great as they Cowboys yards per carry stat looked, it wasn't aided by their failed short-yardage attempts.

Packers 28, Cowboys 7: My Top 10 Whitty Comments - Richie Whitt, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Last year the Cowboys could run through the defense even when they knew it was coming. And suddenly, the ability to do that has vanished. It's remains a mystery as to why this team is struggling in this department.

While the Cowboys can legitimately blame injuries to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant for their season failure, there’s just no explaining away their impotence in short-yardage situations. With what we once thought was the league’s best offensive line and one of the best chain-moving tight ends in NFL history, the Cowboys are an amazingly inept 7 of 18 on 3rd-and-1. Today they failed to convert a 1st-and-goal from Green Bay’s 1, partly because the line got zero surge on a 1st-down running play.

There’s a very realistic scenario in which the Dallas Cowboys win the NFC East - Chris Chase, For The Win
We try to have a little bit of everything to appeal to all types so if fantasia is your thing, here's a little something for you.

For those who like to dabble in the non-fiction section, here's this one...

Cowboys Biggest Win Now Is Draft Position - Christian Blood, Sport DFW
It's time to focus all your attention to what matters the most - the future.

At this point, you’re one of two different types of Dallas Cowboys fans. You either see the reality for what it is while knowing that this team could be two years away from contention, or you’re staying the course with the idea that America’ Team belongs anywhere near the playoffs.

I think those two types are slowly becoming one.

I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but there are others who have issues.

DeMarco Murray, Philadelphia Eagles Would Be Better Off Without Each Other - Cian Fahey, Bleacher Report
The Eagles spent a lot of money for the services of Murray and apparently they want to protect that investment by keeping him well rested. Murray would enter the game as the team's #4 RB.

There was a week of controversy because Murray reportedly met with the Eagles owner, Jeff Lurie, to discuss his role in the team, according to's Ed Werder. Murray bypassed Chip Kelly and went straight to the top. Before doing that, he had accumulated 569 yards and four touchdowns on 163 carries in 11 games this season.

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