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Can You Outpick The BTB Writers In Week 15? Pick 256 Challenge Results & Leaderboard

You think you have can outpick the BTB writers this week? Submit your picks in our Pick 256 challenge to find out.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Pick 256 is a season-long contest in which BTB members and readers get to pick the straight-up winners for all games each week.

Overall, 213 BTB-members took part in the Pick 256 challenge last week, with perhaps the widest spread of results we've ever seen in this contest.

Two participants managed 13 correct picks and one participant managed just one correct picks. Here's what the aggregate results looked like:

Pick 256 Result Distribution, Week 14
Correct Picks 1
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Participants 1 2 - - 4 28 34 60 40 25 11 6 2

The consensus vote got six picks right, two less than the consensus vote of the BTB writers did. Rabblerousr achieved the highest score among the writers with 10 correct picks, so 19 participants managed to outpick our entire crew of BTB writers.

Do you think you can outpick all eight BTB writers in Week 15? If so, then go a head and show us by submitting your picks for Week 15. Here's the link to the entry form for our weekly Pick 256 Challenge.

Week 15 Picks

Click on the link below and you'll be taken directly to the Pick 256 entry form where you can select the teams you like for the win.

The link above should auto-fill your BTB user name into the entry form (in most cases). In some cases, the link hasn't worked properly, so here's an alternative link that works without the auto-fill - just remember to spell your username correctly.

Alternative Pick 256 Entry Form

If you prefer not to use your BTB user name, or are not a BTB member, go ahead and enter a name of your choosing, but try to stick with that name throughout the season.

Week 14 Results

Here are all 63 Week 14 participants who equaled or beat rabblerousr's 10 correct picks:

  • 13 - CTCowboy, goddard55
  • 12 - Dallasdave1966, erasmo634, frank stanford, HeelCairo, jalifia, Powers93,
  • 11 - Aggie Man, AzDbackfanInDc, benray53, Blue & silver, carguy102, Jessy S, just-the-facts, Katana, ounceler, Truebluedcfan, westmodelmarket
  • 10 - APerfectStar, BaylorBrianL, claybridge, Eswara20, Gregory_Regularly, hbtc, HTTR, k@s!, lenboy, Max2, MinasIthil92, Mordregard, NCstar, oldboysfan, Rdbull1, Realist Larry, rrm1954, SICLAW, starmesh23, switters023, Terry, The Tower, Tr1v1al, Yellowbeard, YumaCactus

Season Leaders

Our season leaderboard today looks like a flat stage of the Tour de France: oldboysfan is the breakaway rider whose pursuers have left the peloton and are strung out like pearls between the main field and the tête de la course. Will oldboy be able to maintain his lead to the finish line, or will he encounter strong headwinds and possibly a mountain finish that will alow the poursuivants to catch up? Stay tuned ...

Here are the 62 participants who've reached at least 120 points for the season:

  • 135 - oldboysfan
  • 132 - Aggie Man, revellyre
  • 129 - 1Missouricowboysfan
  • 128 - Katana, Millard Fillmore, Normrock
  • 127 - gwzahn7, I'm_people_too, MinasIthil92, Rdbull1, Starheel42
  • 126 - cwby4lf, dtwmm, mahenza, Roun2It
  • 125 - aaa61aaa, bartman, blue & silver, Max2, Reno Cowboy
  • 124 - Benthere, cap2vator, ibleedcowboyblue, Realist Larry, Trent Schoneweis, Truebluedcfan
  • 123 - c.matson18, lenboy, Ncstar, PAPAGDAVIS69, PrfBrain, Ride Together, Die Together, Stevefromerrick, Terry, thesirknight
  • 122 - jwdge, MUTTS, Pagrebo, Sandmann, Sir Robin, UTcowboy
  • 121 - ansky23, CapitalT, earl, Frank Stanford, LoboTX, Mark Barrington, starmesh23, TazJr89, Timmy G, tmaeus
  • 120 - cowtownNcowboysfan, duffer33, Fred G Samford, goddard55, maragath, Rajohnnn, scottysd, Shadowcat, since '66, Vancity Cowboy

Congratulations to the winners and good luck trying to repeat this week. For everybody not in one of the two tables above, you can find the full details for all participants and more breakdowns in the Fanpost section, courtesy of our very own Hookerhome.

The fine print

Submissions have to be in by kickoff time of the Thursday night game, which kicks off at 8:25 pm ET on Thursday. To keep a level playing field for everybody, late submissions will not be accepted (all entries are time-stamped). This gives you a good two days to submit your picks.

Every week, we'll publish a spreadsheet with all the picks here on BTB, usually on Saturday.

You can of course come back at any time before kickoff on Thursday and submit new picks. When there are multiple picks by the same BTB member, our pick tracker will always default to the latest entry.

With all of the technical stuff out of the way, good luck with your picks.

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