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For The Cowboys, The Worst Ending May Be The Best For The Future Of The Team

Wins have been so hard to come by for the Star, but losing out is looking like the most beneficial way to finish the season. Just thinking about that hurts.

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The chances for the Dallas Cowboys to salvage the 2015 season keep shrinking but have not yet completely vanished. Still, the rotund female soloist can be heard warming up in the wings. With only three games left to play and trailing everyone else in the division by two games, we are down to miracle territory. But those games have to be played, and now we just have to hope for the best outcome.

But what exactly would be best for the Star? Although logic dictates that it is all but certain not to happen, we still would like to see them win out and squeak into the playoffs. The problem is that it would almost certainly be a one and done scenario for them, and Dallas' draft position would worsen.

It is painful to admit, but the best thing for the team might be to keep playing hard while hopefully avoiding any serious injury issues that could carry over until next season, and continue to lose. Player evaluations would continue. The release of Tyler Patmon shows that this is certainly part of the process right now. While moving on to Terrance Mitchell, the apparent plan now, can be beneficial in the last three games, it also is a move that may carry over into training camp. Meanwhile, the team could keep its high draft position, which may be very important as the team seeks to address the myriad issues that have become obvious this dismal, disappointing season.

Sadly, that may be the most likely outcome this year. There was no indication that the team is going to emerge from the offensive funk it has been in without Tony Romo. Dez Bryant has been particularly ineffective this season, and it is not likely that is going to suddenly change. The running game has been an odd mix of an occasional big play and stunning ineffectiveness in short yardage. Matt Cassel is still who he is, and still seems to have a lot to learn about the offense. Kellen Moore is just a mirage. With the offense unable to extend drives or score points, the defense cannot maintain the strong performance it has shown to begin most games. There is no real reason to hope that the trend of the past is going to make a sudden reversal.

To put it bluntly, this sucks. We don't follow the Cowboys to hope for failure, but at the moment, that may be the best thing in the long run. At least there are no signs the team as a whole has given up. Based on Jason Garrett's comments and observations from many, it was a lack of effort by Patmon that led to his release. This may be a move to make sure that does not spread on the roster by making the consequences obvious. The rest of the team continues to put the effort on the field. Sadly, that is just not enough now.

Obviously, a lot will have to change if the Cowboys are to have more success next season. One good thing is that a lot of the team was on the roster in 2014, so they still know how it feels to win. There will hopefully be several key players who can return from injury. Romo is the most obvious, but Orlando Scandrick, Terrell McClain, Lance Dunbar, and even Bryant all may be more effective when they get back (if they re-sign Dunbar). But the roster is going to need some work to not only get more out of the starters, but to have better depth. It looked like depth was going to be improved when the season started, but that, like so much else, did not work out the way we hoped. The backup quarterback situation was the glaring deficiency, but wide receiver, running back, and other positions also fell short.

It is always sad when a season gets down to playing out the string, and unless things fall exactly right over the next three games, that is where the Cowboys will be. They could win one or two of the remaining games, but that will not get them into the postseason, and will just cost them in the draft. If you as a fan of the team are feeling conflicted, join the club. It is all or nothing at this point for Dallas, and sadly, nothing is just about the best thing that is likely to happen. The feels are all bad.

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