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What The ... Garrett Not Ready To Name Kellen Moore Starting QB?

The Cowboys turned to their fourth quarterback of the season Saturday night, but will Kellen Moore also play the next two games?

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Nobody can say for sure what the future holds for Kellen Moore, and whether he'll play a role in the Cowboys' QB rotation next year. But one thing we do know about Moore's immediate future is that Jason Garrett doesn't appear ready to commit to Moore as a starter. ESPN's Todd Archer reports that Garrett wasn't ready to name Moore the starting quarterback for the final two games.

"We'll go back, and we'll evaluate the tape, and we'll make the determinations and really throw out a roster as to who we want to play and how we want to play it," Garrett said. "Our focus is to win a ballgame, and the byproduct when you get to this time of the season with where we are, there's an opportunity to evaluate every player."

Despite his three interceptions, Moore was clearly better than the two other guys the Cowboys had tried as backups for Tony Romo.

  • Moore got the wide receivers involved in the game again, something that had been badly missing during the previous Checkdown Charlie games.
  • For the first time in months, the Cowboys had a guy under center who actually went through his progressions and didn't panic.
  • Moore got the ball out quickly and appeared to spark an offense that had appeared paralyzed recently.

Moore isn't suddenly going to grow by a few inches and his arm isn't going to get any stronger. But he played smartly, didn't appear overwhelmed actually got the offense moving down the field. All of which Garrett and his staff will see when they review their film of the game.

Jerry Jones is already ahead of the curve on this one:

"He has a lot of poise," Jones said. "He really knows the offense, not to say that Cassel didn't, but he has been in it more than Cassel has. He does have a better understanding. It's obvious that he has the instincts, very good instincts."

Garrett is notoriously reluctant to publicly commit to anything if he doesn't have to, but this little bit of subterfuge seems a little silly. Barring injury, the Cowboys will stick with Moore for the next two games.

Why make a big deal out of it?

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